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Best 42mm Binoculars for Safaris under $450 / £450

The question this week come from a very experienced safari guide who is looking for the best mid level binoculars to use on his walking and open vehicle safaris. Question: I have been guiding in the Kruger NP. for 20 years or so and am on the hunt for the very best (8x42) or (10X42) […]

Tough, Inexpensive, Compact Binoculars for Travel

The question this week comes from someone looking for some tough, inexpensive binoculars with plenty of eye-relief that are ideal for travelling with: Question: I would love some assistance in selecting a compact binocular. I’m going to be spending some time in the jungles of Central America. I also do a fair amount of hiking […]

Best Celestron Binoculars for Wildlife, Travel & Safaris

I have recently received a number of questions from readers regarding Celestron binoculars and which ones are best for pursuits like general wildlife observation, travel and more specifically to take on a safari type holidays. Thus rather than just repeating much of the information, I have decided to include all the answers to these questions […]

New Swarovski CL Companion Africa Binoculars

Available from the 1st October 2014, Swarovski Optik have announced the release of an unique and special version of the CL Companion binocular. The Swarovski CL Companion Africa Binoculars, as the name suggests draw inspiration from Africa, both in the colors used on the actual body of the bin, but as well as with the […]

Steiner Predator Binoculars

Designed specifically for the hunter and wildlife enthusiasts Steiner Predator binoculars come with all the features you would expect like a tough rubber armoring and a fully waterproof chassis. But what really sets the Predator series apart from other binoculars for hunting is that they have a unique lens coating that is tailored to help […]

Low Cost 10x42 Binoculars for Birding & Safaris

The question today is from a reader looking for low cost 10x42 binoculars for safaris and birding: Question: I was about to buy Barr and Stroud Sahara 10x42 binoculars when I saw your website and started to have some doubts. My boyfriend and I, we use binoculars for bid watching and Safaris. We love animals […]

Field Report: On Safari with the Swarovski CL 8x30 Binoculars

I recently had the opportunity go on safari at Imire, a wildlife reserve which is located just under two hours from Zimbabwe’s capital Harare. Imire is probably best know for the work they are doing on rhino conservation and in particular the very endangered black rhino. Apart from enjoying some of their incredible wildlife with […]

Cheap Compact Binoculars for Safari Holiday

This question comes from someone looking for a good, yet cheap pair of compact binoculars to take on a safari holiday: Question: We have planned a safari in Kenya for September and as a result I’ve been trying to research some binoculars to take. I’ve read through some of your guides and reviews and have […]

On Safari with Minox and Swarovski Binoculars

Which Binocular? When it comes to choosing which binoculars to take on safari (or indeed most other trips or wildlife adventures), as well as price, you need to make a couple of decisions based on your personal preferences as well as any specific requirements of your particular holiday: Size In most cases, you first need […]

Pentax DCF BC 9x32 vs Nikon 8x42 Monarch 5 Binoculars for Safaris

This weeks question comes from someone who is going on safari and wants some advice to help them choose between two binoculars: Question: Hi! I have found your advice very valuable in my search for good safari binoculars that won’t break my budget. Thank you so much! I had pretty much decided on the Pentax […]