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Which Binoculars Are Best?

Advice on how to choose between binoculars I received an e-mail today from someone who is having some difficulty in deciding which binoculars are best / right for them to buy. They have narrowed their shortlist down to two pairs that is great, but still wanted some advice from me as to which one between […]

OpticsHunt’s Best Binoculars Under 100

I recently came across and article on a website that made me really angry, so much so that I just had to get it off my chest and write about it! The offending article is published on the OpticsHunt website and lists their Recommended Top 5 Best Binoculars Under 100 with their reasons for choosing […]

Exit Pupil – The Complete Guide

Optics & Binoculars 101: Exit Pupil In optics, the exit pupil is a virtual aperture in an optical system. On a pair of binoculars it can be seen as the bright circle in the center of each eyepiece when you hold them about 30cm away from your eyes and with the objective lenses pointed toward […]


How Different Configurations Affect a Binocular

10x42, 8x42, 8x32, 10x26… What is right for me? I often get asked questions in relation to the different configurations of a binocular and which one is the best for a particular use or uses. So I thought I would put this document together that goes through the major binocular configurations and explains each of […]

Cheap Binoculars – Is a Roof or Porro Prism Best?

I received an excellent question form someone looking to get a pair of low cost or cheap binoculars and they were wondering as to if they should get a pair of porro or roof prisms: Question: I am now retired and my wife and I travel a bit in our state of Wisconsin, USA mainly […]

Avoid These Biggest Mistakes Newbies Make When Choosing Binoculars

Over the many years that I have now been involved with optics and in particular binoculars, I have learnt a great deal and perhaps it has got to the point where I take a lot of “what I know” for granted, especially the basics and assume that these are obvious and that everyone knows them […]


Christmas Shopping Guide 2016: Binoculars, Spotting Scopes & Accessories

Buyers Guides: Binoculars for Christmas 2016 It is always a slight dilemma for me as to when I should put up my Christmas buyers guide as not only am I notoriously a last minute Xmas shopper, but I have always been the one to complain that everything to do with Christmas, especially the advertising keeps […]

Best Low Cost Binoculars for Xmas

Part 1: Best Cheap Binoculars for Xmas 2016 In this first part of my Binoculars for Christmas series, I am focusing on the cheaper end of the market, including low cost optics, covering a price range of between $60 in the US or £60 in the UK up to a maximum of $150 / £150 […]

Best Mid Range Binoculars for Christmas

Part 2: Best Mid Range Binoculars for Xmas 2016 This is the second part in my series of buyers guides to the Best Binoculars for Christmas, here I am focusing on what is probably the largest and most competitive class: Mid Range binoculars covering prices from $150 in the US or £150 in the UK […]


Best Mid-High End Binoculars for Xmas

Part 3: Best Mid-High Range Binoculars for Xmas 2016 Here in part three of my Xmas buyers guides, I take a look at what I feel are the best deals on the best Mid-High End binoculars for Christmas ($300 – $500 in the US or £300 – £500 in the UK) that I have tested […]