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Bushnell 12 x 50 Trophy XLT Binoculars
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Please Note: This is a "BBR ReviewMini" of the Bushnell Trophy XLT 12x50 Binoculars. About BBR Mini Reviews

High power, large aperture binoculars at a reasonably affordable price. That is the best way to describe the Bushnell 12x50 Trophy XLT binoculars in a few words.

A 12x50 is ideal for anyone who wants more image detail AND still maintain a reasonably bright image. This Bushnell 12x50 XLT is primarily aimed at hunters and general wildlife observers who are not concerned with carrying about a little more weight and bulk in exchange for the combination of these two attributes.

Bushnell Trophy XLT 12x50 Binocular Review

Having already read and gone through a number of Bushnell Trophy XLT 12x50 binoculars reviews online and done a ton of research for you, I will now take a closer look at this model and discuss their relative strengths and weaknesses and what I like and indeed don't like about them.


Fully Multi-Coated Optics
To start with, this instrument is fully multi-coated, which is good and tells us that every exterior optical surface throughout the system has multiple layers of an ani-reflection material applied to them. this makes a big difference in both the image quality and brightness when compared to those that have less coatings on fewer surfaces.

Fully Sealed Chassis
The chassis on these has been fully O-ring sealed making them 100% water proof and can be fully submersed in water.

Remember in dry areas this is also important as it will make it impossible for dust to enter the system.

Added to that, they are also fog proof with as the air inside them was replaced with a dry gas (usually Nitrogen) when they were manufactured. This not only prevents the internal lenses from misting up, but will stop fungus from growing on the lenses which is something you quite often see on old instruments.

Tripod Adaptable
Good to confirm that you can easily attach a standard tripod adapter to these, which for long range observation over longer periods can be vitally important.

Lead Free Glass
As with just about every Bushnell binocular, these use use optical lenses and prisms that don't contain any lead in the glass.

Whilst this has no affect on performance, this environmentally friendly policy is one that anyone who enjoys nature should appreciate.

Field of View
The field of view on these is 241ft wide at 1000 yards away, which for a 12x binocular is good and makes scanning wide open areas looking for wildlife that much easier.

Eye Relief
The 18.2 mm of eye-relief you get is excellent and makes these Bushnell 12x50 binoculars a good option for eye-glass wearers

Bushnell Trophy XLT 12x50 Binoculars

What I Don't Like

Close Focus
As you would expect with an long range, high powered binocular, the minimum focus distance on these is not great (13ft), so not the ideal choice should you like observing butterflies or even birds from close distances.

Bushnell Binoculars 12x50

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BBRMini Reviews?

What this means is that this Bushnell Trophy XLT 12x50 Binoculars review is al little shorter and not the usual super in-depth hands-on type of review that you may be used to seeing here on BBR.

This is because I have not had any hands-on time with the product and thus I have not been able to comment on aspects like the build quality or that of the view quality where it would require me to actually handle and use them.

Instead, I have used my experience to form some basic and logical opinions based on research as well as the stated specifications and features supplied my the manufacturers.

Why Are you Making Them?
The main reason for me providing this mini listing is to get these Binoculars added into my database so that we can then compare their stats and features against all the other binoculars on the BBR website that I have fully hands-on tested and reviewed.

Despite this not being a 100% review, I hope that you still find it both interesting and the information and my opinions useful in your search. As always any comments and feedback is always welcomed.

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