Steiner Predator Pro Compact 10x26 Binoculars Review

Steiner 10 x 26 Predator Pro Compact Binoculars
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The 10x26 Predator Pro Steiner Binocular very tough, they are mainly designed for outdoor uses like big game hunting and wildlife viewing. For me these Steiner 10x26 Predator Pro Binoculars are one of the most remarkable binoculars in the Steiner range. The binocular provide you with excellent power (10 x magnification) as well as excellent light transmission and all this in a binocular that is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket! Perfect for travelling with, their intended use of big game hunting, and therefore are obviously great for wildlife viewing as well and so make the Steiner 10x26 Predator Pro Compact Binoculars perfect binoculars for safari holidays and walking safaris as well.

  • Waterproof and fog-proof
  • Enlarged center focus for easy handling
  • Wrap-around eye cups for long wearing relief
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Tough aluminium body
  • Rugged armour covering for firm grip even when wet
  • 10 Year Steiner Warranty

Steiner Optics: The Predator Lenses What sets the Steiner Predator binocular apart from the other Steiner binoculars and indeed many other binoculars designed for wildlife viewing and hunting are the Steiner green tinted Predator lenses that filter out the colours of haze and foliage and thus are said to amplify the visibility of the colours that are common to wildlife and game animals. This feature almost makes the wildlife stand out more than the environment around them, making them easier to spot.

The tough Predator Pro binoculars also include the newest Steiner PC-5 optics that are fully multi-coated on every lens surface throughout the binocular, giving you the great game-sensing contrast and exceptional light transmission.

The Steiner Predator Binocular: Built Tough
There are two main reasons why the 10x26 Steiner binocular is so tough and therefore perfect for outdoor conditions, they have a toughened aluminium body and then around that is a rugged armour which has been specially designed to ensure a firm grip even if the binoculars are wet.

Waterproof Binoculars
This brings me onto another great feature of the Steiner 10x26 Predator Pro Compact Binoculars, they have waterproof seals which mean that you do not have to worry about your binoculars fogging up, in most conditions that you will find in rugged outdoor environments, including rain, snow and general changes in temperature, that can ruin poorer quality binoculars. An important point is that the waterproofing also protects against dust in dry areas. On top of this all Steiner Predator binoculars come with a Limited 10 Year Warranty and come with a rain guard and carry case designed for for travel and storage.

  • Steiner Waterproofing protects the internal optics from rain as well as dust.
  • Fogproofing allows clear viewing in spite of sudden temperature changes.
  • Knurled rubber armor ensures a secure grip, even in wet conditions.
  • Enlarged center focus improves handling in wet conditions.

Includes the Predator Case
The Thermo molded Predator case that comes fitted specifically for your binocular is great for starage, but also to take with when travelling for added protection.


Predator Travel case for the Steiner 10x26 Predator Pro Compact Binoculars

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Main Specifications & Features:


Your Reviews:

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Rating: 4/5
These binoculars come with a tint that is supposed to make it easier to detect wildlife. At first I was worried that this green tint would make everything look green, but I really don't notice any type of color distortion while looking though these binoculars. The focus works really well for me- in my cheaper binoculars, it's difficult to reach focus, but this isnt't the case here. The binoculars feel very light-weight. I barely feel them in my coat pocket and around my neck. Finally, they come in a very nice case- very sturdy and good looking.

- Source:
Rating: 5/5
I used my Steiner compacts extensively on a recent cruise vacation to Greece and Turkey--surpassed my expectations-excellent clarity;ease of focus and they fit into a pocket of my travel vest!!

- Source:
Rating: 4/5
The Predator line is nice but I'm not sure that the claim of their ability to enhance the visibility of wild animals lives up to expectations. Still, the durability and waterproof qualities are great. The optics of this pair are not up to par with my Steiner 8x32's but that may be a function of mid-size versus compact. Overall, I would consider a pair of Pentax compact binoculars over the larger Steiners.

- Source:
Rating: 5/5
These binoculars are really good for the price. I've read Steiner is the best and that's what I wanted. Very pleased with color and clarity and simple operation, nice little carry case too!

- Source:
Rating: 5/5
The greatest Binoculars that have ever been created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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