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About ATN Night Vision

Whilst American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN) manufacture optics for day time use, they are best know for their night vision devices, in fact the ATN Corporation manufactures, develops and supplies the biggest line of night vision equipment in the world. Their range includes optics in the fields of Binoculars, Daytime Scopes, Night Vision, Thermal Imaging, Laser Rangefinders and Laser Sights.

As their name suggests they are an American company with offices in San Francisco, but are also represented in Europe.

ATN Innovations

A feature that has become very popular on night vision devices are built-in Infrared Illuminators allowing you to see in total darkness, ATN were one of the first manufacturers to offer it on their products. Now all of their units are outfitted with an IR and some of models come with the most powerful in the industry, the 450mW Long Range version.

ATN were also the first company to offer interchangeable lenses, optical doublers and remote controls for night vision devices.

ATN Night Vision Devices

As mentioned earlier ATN manufactures the world’s largest selection of night vision devices, with everything from 1st Gen to 4th Generation equipment, their vast range includes monoculars, binoculars goggles, pocket scopes, bi-oculars and weapon scopes including night vision rifle scopes.

ATN Binoculars

Along with Night vision goggles, night vision binoculars are the most popular night vision devices in the US. ATN has an extensive range of long range night vision binoculars. They use variety of Image Intensifier Tube technologies and are packed with features like Glass Optics, ATN Smart Technology, IR illuminators.

ATN Night Vision Goggles

Sure you can find cheaper night vision goggles on the market, but in our opinion if you want value for money and a quality product that won't leaving you feeling disappointed, ATN night vision goggles, like the ATN Viper Night Vision Goggles along with the popular Yukon Tracker NVG 1x24 Night Vision Goggles are some of the best on the market.

ATN Scopes - ATN Night Vision Weapon Sights

ATN is a true industry leader in night vision scopes (also known as night vision sights) and other weapon mountable solutions. Night vision rifle scopes are designed to be mounted on the weapon and used as an aiming system for night time applications. Made for the military and consumers and used by Military Snipers, Law Enforcement Marksmen and Hunters.

ATN scopes offer an array of choices for Image Intensifier Tubes, titanium mounting systems, positive 1/8 MOA per click windage and elevation adjustments, standard target turrets, rails for add-on lights, lasers, back-up iron sights and MIL-Dot reticule just to name a few.

ATN Monoculars

ATN has one of the largest ranges of night vision monoculars offered by any manufacturer which include monoculars in every Generation including Gen 1, Gen2, Gen 3 and Gen 4 as well as compact night vision pocket scopes, waterproof night vision and military grade monoculars.

ATN night vision monoculars come with great features like Glass Optics, ATN Smart Technology, IR illuminators and Camera adaptability.

Unlike cheap Chinese and Russian imitators, ATN produce quality but still affordable devices, from the smallest and lightest Night Star to the Military Issue NVM14 you get great value for money. Some night vision monoculars that were developed for the military and law enforcement for multi-purpose use can now easily be transformed into night vision goggles with a head strap or a night vision weapon scope. Popular ATN Night Vision Monoculars include the Patriot 2, Patriot 3, Patriot 4 and the NVM14.

ATN in the News

ATN Earns Several Optics planet Brilliance Awards In Night Vision Category

Feb 24, 2009 – San Francisco, California – January 16, 2009 - American Technologies Network Corp, the largest provider of night vision optics and an industry leader in value and service, has been honored with six OpticsPlanet 2008 Brilliance Awards. ATN was a winner in the categories of Product of the Year, Killer Day/Night Rifle Scope, Best Night Vision Device, Best Night Vision Binocular, Best Night Vision Rifle Scope, and Best Night Vision Goggles.

The ATN PS-22 Gen-2 Night Vision was the victor in the Product of the Year award category, as its extreme clarity and rugged construction caught the eyes of their panel of experts. Customers have also been raving about the predator eyes that allow for perfect bullet placement. The Killer Day/Night Setup category was the arena of another ATN triumph. The CGT Day/Night Kit turned heads and stole the show. Other notable wins were from the Mars 4x Gen.3 Night Vision Weapon Scope, the PVS Gen.3 Night Vision Goggles, and the Best Night Vision Binocular, the ATN Night Scout Night Vision Binoculars. ATN was also a winner in the Best Night Vision Device.

ATN is excited to be a part of these illustrious awards and are working fervently to continue providing technically advanced night vision optics to the industry. 2008 was a witness to a multitude of changes regarding optical gear, and ATN held the reigns in driving the genre into the future.

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ATN 5x90 Night Scout Night Vision Binoculars Review

The ATN Night Scout night vision binoculars are the ideal night binoculars for many applications including night safaris and wildlife viewing, camping, nocturnal bird watching, hunting and security. The many features of these Gen 1 night vision binoculars include: 5x magnification, Infrared illuminator, Smart Digital Technology and a tough lightweight aluminium alloy body.

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ATN 1x35 Viper Night Vision Goggles Review

Offering superb value for money, the ATN Viper Night Vision Goggles are the smallest and lightest Night Vision Goggles on the market. With headgear they offer Hands-free night vision use with 1:1 magnification.

Price: (3/6) Mid Priced Goggles

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ATN Contact Details

North American Office
1341 San Mateo Avenue
South San Francisco,
CA 94080
Tel: 800-910-2862 650-989-5100

European Office
Tel: 44(0)870-0111286
The toll free number: 00 800 9102-8620 can be used in:
Austria, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

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