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Remember there are combinations that whilst we may all want (I'm thinking of a lightweight compact binocular with a 12x magnification and super wide field of view and incredible light gathering ability that costs almost nothing), but may just be impossible.

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Size: This is the physical size of the binoculars - compact binoculars tend to have objective lens diameters of less than 30mm and full size binoculars are around 42mm
Min. Objective Size: The minimum diameter of the objective lens - similar to the Size of the binoculars, but this does not take into consideration the size of the body and you can be more precise.
Max. Objective Size: The maximum diameter of the objective lens - use it in combination with the Minimum objective lens diameter above to isolate the exact size of binoculars you are looking for.
Magnification: This is the magnification of the binoculars - remember for many uses the biggest magnification is not the best!
Prism Type: Do you want binoculars with a Porro prism or Roof prism design?
Fully Multi-Coated: Must the binoculars contain multiple layers of anti-reflection coatings on ALL air to glass surfaces?
ED Glass Should the lenses on the binoculars made from Extra Low Dispersion Glass?
Waterproof: Must the binoculars be sealed and 100% waterproof?
Image Stabilization Must the binoculars have some sort of Image Stabilization? (like what you find on the Canon IS Binoculars for example)
Close Focus: This is the binoculars minimum close focusing distance.
Focus Free Most binoculars come with a focusing wheel, but some don't have one and are always in focus - often called fixed focus, focus free or self focusing binoculars.
FOV: The Field of View of the binoculars is expressed as the width of the view that you see at a distance of 1000 yards away. More Info: Wide Angle Binoculars.
Eye Relief: This is the amount of Eye Relief of the binoculars - especially important to those that wear glasses. More: Long Eye Relief Binoculars.
Price: The approximate price range of the binoculars - obviously this changes over time and depending on where the binoculars are purchased.
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