All About: Waterproof Spotting Scopes

The Waterproof Spotting Scope

Many spotting scopes are either waterproof, fogproof or both and some terms used include weather protected or even weather proof. But what exactly does it all mean, do you really need a waterproof scope and just what do they do to make a spotting scope waterproof and fogproof?


To Waterproof a spotting scope, they are sealed, probably with an O-ring which does not allow moisture or indeed dust to get inside the unit.


When a manufacturer describes their spotting scope as being Fogproof, the mean that the barrel has had all internal air swapped is with either nitrogen gas, or argon and if it is nitrogen, this process is called nitrogen-purging.

Do I need a waterproof scope?

Whilst a spotting scope that is waterproof is never a bad thing, they do usually cost more and so you need to decide if the extra money is worth the extra security based on your circumstances and how much risk you put them in with your particular use of it.

Dusty Regions
In a dusty area, a sealed scope will stop any small particles from getting inside your spotting scope which could ruin the view.

Spotting Scope Covers

With many spotting scopes, you can get a cover or Handholding Case as an accessory that can also help to protect your optics from the wet.

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