Birds in the Snow

I am sure that the reason that many of you who have or are considering buying binoculars are doing so to observe wildlife and in particular birds. If so, I am sure that like me you have a passion for wildlife and it’s preservation.

Last night we had this years first real snow where I live and this morning I noticed how many birds were scrambling about looking for food. In particular the apple tree in my garden which until now had only a few birds visiting it was filled with birds (see video below).

Most birds can’t penetrate the ground to find worms and insects with thick snow cover, and berry-bearing shrubs and other natural food sources are practically invisible.

To attract birds to my garden I do feed them throughout the year, but when it snows, putting out food could mean the difference between life and death for some of our garden birds.

So I thought I would just put this video together to remind people that even if you don’t feed birds, at least make sure that they have fresh water available in very cold weather. Birds cannot drink snow and because much of their usual watering holes will have turned to ice they can actually die of thirst.

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