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Today’s question comes from someone looking to buy some binoculars for their husband’s birthday. They live on the beach in hot and humid east coast of Florida and he spends a lot of time on the balcony watching cruise ships, boats and yachts go by. They were looking for a lightweight pair, perhaps fog proof and keeping the cost under $500.00.


The good news is at your budget of under $500 there is a wide choice of really good binoculars to choose from, the hardest part is making the decision! So lets look a what features he will mostly need and see if we can’t narrow down the choices:

Because he will be mostly looking at slower moving objects (yachts, ships & boats) in wide open environments, I would not worry too much about the field of view. Therefore I would suggest getting binoculars with a higher magnification: 10x or more.

You say a lightweight pair, I would say that then cuts out any binoculars with image stabilization as they tend to be much heavier as they have batteries etc. I am not sure if by lightweight, you also meant compact?

If so, under budget ($319.99 – $408.25) is the excellent pair of Steiner 12x30 Wildlife Pro Binoculars.

If a compact binocular is not that important and you are only looking for something that is lightweight, then:

The Minox 10x42 BV Binoculars are a great pair, fully water and fogproof and is way under budget: currently reduced from $299 down to $169 on Amazon.

Or the Vanguard 10x45 Endeavor ED Binoculars:
These have only just been released and cost around $399.99. I recently reviewed the 8.5x magnification version which was excellent. They are fully water and fogproof.

I am also currently reviewing the Vanguard Spirit 10x42 Binoculars (the full review will be up on the site in a few days) that have a list price of $309.99 but you can get them on Amazon for $199.99, that are fully water and fog proof that I am really impressed with at that price.

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