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Best High Powered Binoculars for Hunting

I recently had a question sent into me by someone looking for a pair of binoculars for hunting where they specifically wanted them to be of high quality, have a powerful magnification and where weight was not an issue. I thought that my reply may be of interest to others out there and so have […]

Steiner SkyHawk 4.0 Binoculars Review

Whilst the very similar Steiner Ranger Xtreme binoculars are marketed with hunting as the main focus, the Steiner SkyHawk positions itself as more of a general wildlife, nature loving and birding binocular. That being said, like the Ranger Xtreme, there is no real reason why you could not use the correct model within the SkyHawk […]

Steiner Ranger Xtreme Binoculars Review

Steiner Optics position and market the Ranger Xtreme in Europe as high performance, mid-price range hunting binoculars (eg: view this article on the Best Hunting Binoculars for Under $600), but after taking a look at their features and specifications, I have to say that there is also no reason why any of the Steiner Ranger […]

Factory Tour: BBR Visits Steiner

Did You Know?Since it’s inception in 1947, every single Steiner binocular has been manufactured in the Steiner facility located in Bayreuth, Germany? This is in stark contrast to many sports optics brands that now outsource some or in some cases all of their production to cheaper facilities in far-flung areas of the world where the […]

Preview: BBR Visits Steiner

Best Binocular Reviews visits the Steiner Optics facility in Bayreuth, Germany. Behind the Scenes Tour of the Steiner Factory Learn how Steiner Binoculars are made Discover New Steiner Binoculars Steiner Optical Coatings Demonstrations, Explanations, Plus much more… Now Live The full article has now been published and can be found here: Factory Tour: BBR Visits […]

Steiner Predator Binoculars

Designed specifically for the hunter and wildlife enthusiasts Steiner Predator binoculars come with all the features you would expect like a tough rubber armoring and a fully waterproof chassis. But what really sets the Predator series apart from other binoculars for hunting is that they have a unique lens coating that is tailored to help […]

Which are the Best Compact Steiner Binoculars for Walking Safaris?

This question comes from someone who is preparing to go on a Kruger safari in South Africa and is looking for some safari binoculars. They have narrowed their choice down to two Steiner models and would like some advice to make a choice between the two: Question: I have been researching binoculars for a safari […]

How Binoculars are Made

Binoculars 101: How they are made I recently came across this really interesting video produced by the Discovery Channel on How Binoculars are Made from their “How It Is Made Series” and which gives us a fantastic insight into the main steps involved in manufacturing a pair of binoculars. The program makers obviously gained access […]

Which Steiner Binoculars for Safaris

Today’s question comes from a very lucky person who is about to go on safari in Rwanda and Uganda, is looking for some safari binoculars and can’t decide between the Steiner Wildlife Pro 10.5x28 binoculars and the Steiner Wildlife Pro CF 8x30’s: Question: In September I’m going to Rwanda. From there we will visit Uganda […]

Steiner Binoculars for Safaris

Today’s question comes from someone looking to choose between two different models of Steiner binoculars, to take on safari. Question I can afford a Leica Ultravid compact but am also impressed (looks and review) with the Steiner 12x30 Wildlife Pro’s & the Steiner Merlin 8x42 binoculars. I am not a birder but am interested in […]