Close Focus Meopta MeoPro 6.5x32 Binoculars

Meopta MeoPro 6.5x32 Binoculars

The 6.5x32 Meopta MeoPro is an interesting binocular in that it combines a compact body with a 6.5x magnification. The result is a stable binocular with plenty of eye relief, a very wide field of view and a very close minimum focus:

Main Specifications

Magnification: 6.5x
Objective Lens Diameter: 32mm (1.26in)
Field of view @ 1000yds 432ft
Field of view @ 1000m 144m
Angle of view: 8.25°
Eye relief: 22.3mm
Close Focusing Distance: 1.1m / 3.28ft
Exit Pupil Diameter: 4.9mm
Twilight Factor: 14.3
Interpupillary Distance: 5.5 – 7.6cm
Dioptric Correction (D): +3 to -3
Length: 13.2 cm / 5.2in
Width: 13.1cm / 5.2in
Height: 5.3cm / 2in
Weight: 610g / 21.5oz

Meopta MeoPro 6.5x32 BinocularsClose Focus Binoculars

With a minimum focusing distance of only 1.1m / 3.28ft, these Meopta’s are up there with the best close focus binoculars.

Optics with short and very short minimum focussing distances like these 6.5x32 Meopta MeoPro binoculars are often ideally suited for observing things like butterflies, dragonflies and other insects, but are also great for uses like closer range birding, for example in your garden and along hedgerows.

For more take a look at my guide to Butterfly Binoculars which takes a look at this particular niche in detail.

Underside of the Meopta MeoPro 6.5x32 BinocularsWide Field of View

At 432ft wide at a distance of 1000 yards (144m @ 1000m) these Meopta MeoPro 6.5x32 binoculars have a very wide field of view which, like their close focus ranks them up there with the very best wide angle binoculars.

So as well as being great for near distance observation, this wide FOV will make it much easier to locate and track fast moving and/or erratic objects – like small mammals, birds, butterflies and other insects.

This again means they they are ideal for most close range birdwatching activities like in your garden, forests or along hedgerows.

Other Features

Eyeglass Wearers
These Meopta binoculars also have a very long 22.3mm of eye-relief with twist up eyecups that clickstop at three positions, which will most certainly appeal to those who wear glasses as this should provide plenty of room to make sure you can still wear your glasses and still enjoy the full image through the bin.

Steady Image
The fairly low 6.5x magnification means that the image will fare more easy to keep still than a higher powered device, good for longer observation periods and for those with unsteady hands.

The 32mm objectives help to keep the size of the body down and they are nice and compact even when compared to other mid-sized bins.

Good Low Light Performance
What I like is even tough they only have 32mm objectives, the lower power means that you still get 4.9mm exit pupil. An 8x42 has only a slightly larger exit pupil of 5.25mm and they are better than the 4.2mm exit pupil on 10x42 binos.

This means that they will perform as well in low light as many bins with much larger objectives – once again this is and ideal small binocular for early morning and late evening birding, wildlife observation, hunting or for use in dark forests where light is not always that great.

High Quality Optics
As well as the great physical attributes I have listed above, like all other top end Meopta’s these come with really good quality components, optical glass and coatings, which includes fully multi-coated lenses using their proprietary MeoBright coating, Phase Corrected BaK-4 Roof Prisms, all contained in a water and fog proof rubber armored, aluminum body.

Cost & Where to Buy

Now available at many on-line shops for under $300 / £300 these Meopta MeoPro 6.5x32 Binoculars look to offer great value for money. You can check the current prices below:

For more options, including on-line optics retailers in the US, UK, Canada and Germany: Where to Buy Meopta Binoculars.

Ideal Uses & Conclusion

They look to be a great little pair of bins, with impressive features and specifications and ones that I hope I will soon get the chance to fully review.

These are perfect for looking at flowers, dragonflies, butterflies and other insects at close quarters.

As I have mentioned earlier these will also make ideal compact binoculars for many birding, wildlife and hunting activities where a small size, but good low light performance and wide FOV are important.

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