Digibinning with Swarovski EL’s & Snapshot Adapter

Many people have asked me about the Snapshot adapter that works with Swarovski EL or SLC binoculars.

Rather than try and explain it, I will let Dale Forbes, the Marketing Manager for Swarovski Optik in Absam, Austria show you how as he uses the snapshot adapter and his pair of Swarovski EL binoculars to photograph a lioness (digibinning) whilst on Safari in South Africa:

Swarovski Snapshot AdapterWhat is the Snapshot Adapter?
Swarovski’s Snap Shot Adapter enables you to connect your digital camera to the binoculars and take surprisingly good quality photos even at long distances, this is called Digibinning. The supplied ring connects your Swarovski Optik EL (and SLC series) binoculars directly to your digital camera thus creating a camera lens.

What cameras work with the Snapshot adapter?
Most digital cameras that have a max. 4x optical zoom and extendable objective lens are suitable.

How to use the Snapshot Adapter:

  • Slide the snapshot adapter on to the eyecup of the binoculars it fits firmly in place
  • Screw the eyecup on the binoculars back into the binoculars as far as it will go
  • Switch your compact camera on so that the lens extends out of the camera body
  • Adjust the two plastic rings of your Swarovski snapshot adapter, by twisting them, the three plastic feet on the inside of the snapshot adapter will extend and retract making the opening wide enough to insert your camera’s zoom lens
  • Insert your camera’s zoom lens in to the opening. If it does not fit in to the hole, then the snapshot adapter will not work for your camera very rare with standard compact cameras)
  • Turn the upper ring of the snapshot adapter clockwise so that it grips lightly against the camera’s lens
  • You camera is no attached to the binoculars to form one fairly stable unit.
  • Hold the binoculars in a vertical position, and adjust the focus on the binoculars until the subject is clear
  • Let your camera autofocus to fine-tune the image (macro mode is invariably best for both digiscoping and for digibinning)
  • Take your photo

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