Digiscoping: Swarovski UCA (Universal Camera Adapter)

Swarovski Digiscoping Camera Adapters

Swarovski UCA - Universal Camera Adapter for digiscoping

Taking photographs with a Swarovski Spotting scope using their UCA (Universal Camera Adapter) to attach your camera to the scope makes for a very light and secure digiscoping system. The UCA has the flexibility of working with both SLR and Compact type cameras.

Compatible Spotting Scopes
The UCA fits to all Swarovski telescopes: ATM/STM 65/80 (HD) Magnesium body Spotting Scopes as well as their aluminium ATS/STS 65/80 (HD) spotting scopes.

Compatible Eyepieces
Swarovski eyepieces are usually sold separately from their scopes, and any of their three 30x, 25-50x and 20-60x eyepieces will work. The 30x and 25-50x wide-angle eyepieces in particular make excellent choices for digiscoping. The adapter fits in such a way that a zooming the eyepiece still works with the adapter fitted. It is also not necessary to remove the eyecup on the Swarovski eyepiece in order to use this adapter.

Compatible Cameras
The UCA adapter will fit most digital single lens reflex cameras (SLR) and compact cameras on the market, so long as they have a tripod screw thread under the body.

Connecting your Camera to the Scope using the UCA
For how to connect and use the UCA (Swarovski’s Universal Camera Adapter) with a SLR camera take a look at the video below:


  • Rapid switching between observation and photography with a few small adjustments
  • The SWAROFAST function means you only need to adjust the position of your camera once in relation to your telescope. The camera can then be removed from the adapter and placed back in exactly the same position without any need for readjustment.
  • Low weight only 350 grammes and stable connection
  • Maximum security: attachment of the camera by means of camera tripod connection
  • Full functionality: the zoom eyepiece can be used without restriction

UCA with SLR cameras:
Length : 221 mm/8.70 in
Width : 113 mm/4.45 in
Height : 165 mm/6.50 in
Weight approx : 350 g/12.3 oz

UCA with compact cameras:
Length : 168 mm/6.61 in
Width : 113 mm/4.45 in
Height : 165 mm/6.50 in
Weight approx : 350 g/12.3 oz

More Information

Example Photographs

Below is an example of a digiscoped photograph taken using a Swarovski UCA (Universal Camera Adapter) and Swarovski Spotting Scope

Munias digiscoped using a Swarovski UCA adapter
The above photo was digiscoped with a Swarovski Spotting Scope, 25-50x zoom eyepiece, Nikon Coolpix P6000 camera and mounted using the Swarovski UCA Adapter. Photo Credit: neilfif11

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