Glass Quality

binocular Lens Glass

Many people ask me to explain what the difference is between high end binoculars that can cost well over $1000 (£1000) and then at the other end of the spectrum cheap binoculars costing less than $100.

The answer is that there are many differences, not just one. From build quality to the quality of materials used. One of the biggest differences is the quality of the glass used in the lenses.

Except for the very cheapest binoculars (say under $50), which are often little more than toys the quality of standard grades of optical glass offer a pretty good image quality in ideal lighting conditions. But for the best performance which becomes especially important in low light situations, it is necessary to consider higher grades of glass as High-grade glass types, such as ED, FL, and HD, offer noticeably (and yes you can see the difference when comparing side by side) enhanced resolution and color fidelity.

Remember the increased image quality from high-grade glass is especially obvious when viewing in low light and the best advice for most people is to purchase optics with the highest quality glass you can afford.


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