Huge Sale on Nikon 8x32 EDG Binoculars

Nikon 8x32 EDG BinocularsSave 63% on the list price and get a free D3000 camera kit with 18-55VR Nikkor lens!

If you live in the US, there has never been a better time to buy a Nikon 8x32 EDG binocular, one of the finest pair of binoculars available and and ideal safari binocular. Let me explain:

The Nikon EDG 8x32 Binocular has a list price of $2,700.95, but you can now buy it for just $999.00, that’s a massive saving of $1,701.95 (63%). As a point of reference, I have just checked and the same binoculars are being sold on Amazon for $1,294.95.

But there is more….

Nikon are currently running a promotion known as Take it to the EDG, where they will send you a free D3000 camera kit with 18-55VR Nikkor lens worth $549.95 when you buy a Nikon EDG binocular or spotting scope.

So not only can you get fantastic binocular at a great price, but you get a camera totally free! This deal is great for everyone, but is absolutely ideal for anyone going on safari as these are the two essential pieces of kit that you need.

Where to get this Deal

You can get the Camera kit so long as you buy the binoculars from any authorized dealer in the US:

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