Introducing the New: Maven S1.2 25-50x80mm Spotting Scopes

Angled and Streight through Maven S1.2 25-50x80mm Spotting Scopes
Angled and Straight through Maven S1.2 25-50x80mm Spotting Scopes

Adding to the already impressive lineup of Maven Spotting scopes is the Maven S1.2 25-50x80mm spotting scope, which is available in either a straight-through or angled body and features interchangeable eyepieces:

Incorporating the very best Japanese components assembled in the US and building on the success of their S Series, the S1.2A (Angled) and S1.2S (Straight) are the next step in the evolution of Maven’s powerful high-end spotting scopes which now feature the flexibility of interchangeable eyepieces.

Main Features & Important Specifications

  • Fully Multi-Coated Optical System
  • Schmidt-Pechan Prism with Phase Correction Coatings
  • Large 80mm Lens
    • Fluorite Glass
    • Oilphobic exterior coatings
    • 82mm filter thread
  • Interchangeable Eyepieces
    • Eye Relief: Zoom 17mm – 18mm – Fixed reticle: 18mm
    • Minimum Focus Distance 5m
  • Body Materials: Aluminum / Polymer / Magnesium
  • Waterproof and Fog Proof (Nitrogen Filled)
  • Dimensions: 14.9 in. x 6.3in x 3.9in
  • Weight: 65.1 oz. (with zoom eyepiece) / 60.1 oz (reticle)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Direct to Consumer / No Retail Markup

Optical Highlights

As with the other instruments within the Maven S Series, the S1.2 features a fully multicoated optical pathway, phase-corrected prism, and fluorite glass elements within their lenses.

Thus, with an advertised light transmission of more than 80%, the combination of the large 80mm diameter lens, this very high-end extra-low dispersion glass should deliver an excellent low-light performance along with extremely minimal color fringing even at the high magnification settings.

Eyepiece Options

While the S.1 Spotting Scope (Fixed eyepieces), has its own unique benefits such as durability, consistency, and user-friendliness, the advantages of detachable, interchangeable eyepieces offer additional flexibility – versatility, compactness, customization, and the potential for upgrades.

Long Eye-Relief
With a twist-up multi-position eyecup and long eye relief, both eyepieces should be suitable for those needing or wanting to wear eyeglasses or eye protection whilst glassing

Primarily designed to survey wide areas in a fraction of the time and effort it would take to cover on foot, the new S Series, with its large 80mm lens and high-end optical glass and coatings can maintain a detailed image in all light conditions, and all the while maintaining image clarity and sharpness at every magnification level.

With the Maven S1.2 Spotting Scopes, not only do have the choice between an angles or straight body, but also a variable magnification 25-50x zoom eyepiece suitable for general field use, or a fixed reticle eyepiece designed to assist in target and competitive shooting situations.

This choice provides a good balance between flexibility, mobility and performance. The built-in MOA or MIL reticle aids in target shooting situations by delivering clear shot analysis for both observers and shooters. Utilize the reticle to range familiar targets or for the spontaneous assessment of larger wildlife when out in the field.

Eyepiece Compatibility?
Maven does not stipulate exactly what mounting system or thread they use for the eyepieces and at the moment I have not been able to find out. It would be interesting to know as I am sure the system would be compatible with other systems and thus also other eyepieces could be used, further enhancing their flexibility. So if anyone does know please feel free to leave a comment below and I will update this section.

Body Features

Made from a combination of Aluminum, Polymer and Magnesium parts, the Maven S1.2 Spotting Scopes are available in either a straight-through or angled body design. (See my article on Angled vs Straight Spotting Scopes).

With air-tight seals, the bodies on the S1.2 are fully waterproof (tested at 1m for 30min giving them an IPX7 waterproof rating).

On top of this, the internal cavity is filled with dry nitrogen gas, ensuring the internal optical surfaces do not fog up, which is a common issue with unprotected scopes.

As you would expect, the scopes feature an integrated lens shade, which like the shade on a telephoto lens for a camera is designed to reduce lens flare in certain light conditions, especially common in the mid-day sun.

The angled version (S1.2A) has a side tripod collar adjustment knob, that makes it easier to make precise adjustments along the X-axis to align the eyepiece with the tripod angle to allow for various viewing preferences (this can be especially useful for target shooters with a scope stationed next to them).

The integrated Arca-Swiss foot will adapt to any tripod head that accepts this universal quick-release mount system.

Accessories Included

The Maven S1.2 25-50x80mm Spotting Scopes come with lens caps and a double-layered microfiber storage bag.

Initial Thoughts

With the advertised +80% light transmission, large quality lenses and interchangeable eye-pieces, the new Manven S1.2 spotting scopes are sure to cater to a broad spectrum of users and uses.

So based on the advertised features and specifications, my first impression of the Maven S1.2 is that it looks to be an excellent high-end, high-powered scope that should be excellent for digiscoping and an ideal scope for wildlife enthusiasts, birders, hunters and competitive shooters seeking a top-tier instrument for maximum performance.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a set to give it a full test and then a detailed in-depth review!

Cost & Where to Buy

Angled and Streight through Maven S1.2 25-50x80mm Spotting Scopes
Maven S1.2 25-50x80mm Spotting Scopes

As with all other Maven products that I have tested, the new Maven S1.2 Spotting Scopes are covered by their reassuring lifetime warranty, and because Maven foregoes the normal retail channels, and instead uses a direct-to-consumer business model they can keep unnecessary costs to a minimum:

Maven S1.2 Spotting Scopes: Check Current Prices & Where to Buy

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[…] Introducing the New: Maven S1.2 25-50x80mm Spotting Scopes […]

[…] Introducing the New: Maven S1.2 25-50x80mm Spotting Scopes […]

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