My Hunt for the Ultimate Universal Digiscoping Adapter: The MagView B1 Binocular Adapter

MagView B1 Binocular Adapter
Digibinning with the MagView B1 Binocular Adapter & Zeiss Victory SF Binoculars

Ease of use, stability, adjustability and the ability to interface with the widest range of binoculars, monoculars and spotting scopes possible. The BBR Quest for the Holy Grail of Digiscoping Adapters continues, this time I preview the MagView B1 Binocular Adapter which is specifically designed for digibinning to see if it has what it takes:

I am currently searching for a high-quality adapter that will make it as easy, quick and as repeatable as possible for me to connect my camera and/or phone to the widest range of binoculars, monoculars and spotting scopes possible to take both video and photos through them (digiscoping & Digibinning) as I would like to use the footage I capture on all my optics reviews.

At the moment, my favourite adapter that I currently have in my possession is the Tridapter from Move-Shoot-Move, which works very well and ticks almost all of the required boxes and can be used with most binoculars, monoculars and scopes, but because of its particular design, it will only allow me to take footage using my phone in the portrait position when used with binoculars (that is unless I turn the binoculars on its side). This is not a deal-breaker, but it would be nice to have an adapter that allows you to easily also use the optics in the normal way when out in the field without having to remove the adapter.

MagView B1 Binocular Adapter

It was this idea and the research I have been doing that led me to the MagView B1 Binocular Adapter, which on first impressions seems impressive: An ultra-compact, simple-to-use, yet potentially robust digiscoping system that will integrate with a very wide range of binoculars.

Here’s How it Works:


  1. The heart of the MAGVIEW system is the magnetic MagView phone plate, which fixes onto the back of your phone or phone case with an adhesive strip – this is a one-time process.
  2. Push the B1 Adapter around the eyecup of your binoculars and tighten the retaining screw making sure not to make it too tight as this could damage or even break the cup (especially cheap plastic ones).
  3. Your phone then magnetically attaches to the B1 adapter and you line up the camera with the opposite eyepiece on your binoculars. Done.
MagView B1 Binocular Adapter on the eyepiece of a Maven Binocular

MagView B1 Binocular Adapter

on Maven Binoculars


  • The B1 will fit onto eyecups/eyepieces from 38.5mm to 43mm (1.5in-1.7in) in diameter.
  • MagView also makes a larger collar, the B1 XL that accommodates eyepiece sizes from 44mm to 48mm (1.73in -1.89in) in diameter.

Potential Strengths

Based on my research and reading the comments from owners of the adapter, the B1 has a number of attributes that appeal to me:

  • Set it and forget it: I like how having it attached to an eyepiece does not make it impossible to use the binoculars in the normal way. So out in the field, you can very easily swap from observing to digibinning.
  • Simplicity and Convenience: The ever so simple and straightforward attachment process suggests a hassle-free digiscoping setup making it easy to swap back and forth.
  • Universal: The MagView phone plate is great because once fixed to your phone, you can use it with the B1 and B1 XL (for binoculars) and the S1 for spotting scopes and monoculars. For me, this means I have a wide range of compatibility.
  • Quality: I could be wrong, but I think MagView is a part of the Maven group of companies. If so this is a big plus for me as I am sure that just like Maven binoculars and scopes, I am not going to be disappointed with the materials used, build quality or durability. Update: I was wrong, I received a message from a Magview employee saying “Maven sells our products but we are not part of Maven”. Anyway, I think the fact that Maven is happy to list and sell the MagView system on their site means that it lives up to their own quality standards, so feel it is still worth mentioning.
MagView S1 spotting scope adapter for digiscoping
MagView S1 spotting scope adapter for digiscoping

Potential Weaknesses

Below are perhaps some of the potential limitations that I can think of with the MagView system:

  • Phone Only: If I choose this adapter, I will only be able to use my phone. However, in its defence, so far I don’t know of any adapter that can take both phones and cameras.
  • Phone Fixing: The magnetic system makes it incredibly easy to remove your phone, I just hope that it is strong enough to hold it securely in place and not move or come away too easily by accident.
  • Wireless Phone Charging: The standard MagView phone plate will interfere with the wireless charging feature on your phone if it has it. If this is an issue for you, MagView once again has a solution: The MagView Wireless Charging Phone Plate which allows your phone to be attached to the MagView Binocular and Spotting Scope adapters without losing the wireless charging ability
  • Fine Adjustments: One thing I very much like about the Tridapter is that you can easily and very accurately fine-tune the position of the phone in 3-axis using threaded knobs to get it 100% right. My experience of digiscoping is that this is key to getting the best image possible, so with the MagView system, you simply move the magnetic plate by hand on the adapter until you get it right, I am not sure how quick and easy this will be for all binoculars, especially those that have a small exit pupil.
  • Spotting Scopes & Monoculars: The B1 adapter design does not work with devices that have only one eyepiece. However, on the plus side, Magview also makes a version specifically for scopes the S1 spotting scope adapter. It uses the small magnetic plate system and so for me, it just means having to also get this version. A little more expensive, but no big deal.

Cost & Where to Buy

The Magview B1 Binocular Adapter currently retails for around $100, the S1 Scope adapter is $170 and a set of three MagView Phone Plates costs $15. Note the MagView Wireless Charging Phone Plate is $15:

In-Depth Evaluation

Please note, that this article is just based on my search for an adapter that will suit my needs and the information that I could find out about it. As of yet, I have not used the MagView B1 Binocular Adapter. If I do get one, I will be sure to put it through some thorough testing resulting in a comprehensive review and will update this article with links to it.

So with a full review, I would like to focus on real-world usability, compatibility across various devices and examples of the image quality I can achieve with it.

Calling MagView Owners

If you own a MagView B1 Binocular Adapter or even the S1 Scope adapter, I would love to hear from you, your insights will be invaluable to me. Please feel free to either comment below or contact me here.

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