New APO Binoculars from MINOX

One of the best, but lesser known German makers of binoculars, MINOX has announced the release of a new line of top end binoculars, with what must be one of the most user unfriendly names for binoculars in the business:

The MINOX APO HG 8.5x43 BR and the MINOX APO HG 10x43 BR asph binoculars!

Ok, so lets get our heads around the names and work out just what MINOX binoculars are offering:

The two binoculars in the Minox APO series come in an 8.5x43 or a 10x43 configuration and thus have an 8.5x magnification or a 10x magnifications with the diameter of the Objective lens letting the light into the binoculars of 43mm in both, which is a little larger than the "standard" 42mm found on most full-sized bins.

The binoculars weigh only 23.3 ounces and are focused via a single knob for ease of use and the body of the binocular is made from magnesium with a rubber coating to add drop protection.

So what Does the APO HG bit stand for?
Working in co-operation with MINOX Binoculars were a company called SCHOTT AG, one of the best glass engineers in the world and who designed the required glass composition for the APO technology.

An APO (Apochromatic Lens) Optical system in binoculars usually means that each lens consists of three elements, each a different glass with different properties that are then bonded together to ensure that three wavelengths of light come together in perfect focus and are thus said to be apochromatically-corrected. This is makes a big improvement on the quality of the image as most lenses only bring two wavelengths of light into focus. For more please read my complete guide to Apochromatic (APO) Lenses in Binoculars.

So this high quality ED glass (N-PK 52 A) offers these HG binoculars apochromatic properties that Minox say have an exceptional optical performance. On top of this, one of the lens elements on these MINOX APO-HG binoculars is made from very high quality SCHOTT fluoride ED-glass.

Other coatings include the companies new MINOTEC multi-coating on the lenses that helps to repel dust, water and soiling from the external glass surfaces and can be simply wiped off.

The MINOX APO HG binoculars come in a wooden box and have a leather case included and are set to a retail price of US $1799 for the 8.5x43 MINOX APO HG and US $1849 for the 10x43 MINOX APO HG.

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