Nikon Monarch ATB or DCF Binoculars?

I recently had a question sent into me from someone looking to purchase a pair of Nikon Monarch Binoculars:

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I have decided to purchase a pair of Nikon Monarch 12x42 binoculars but am confused. In the shops I have seen DCF binos, but most, if not all, of the info on the web talks about ATB binos. Could you please explain the difference between the two?

Nikon Monarch 8x42 BinocularsYou are right, depending on where you go the Monarch range from Nikon are marketed as ATB, DCF or sometimes both. I had a look around on the web and as far as I can tell they are the same binoculars, I just think originally they were marketed differently in different countries.

On my review of the Nikon Monarch 8x42 Binoculars, I mention that they are marketed as ATB (All terrain binoculars) in the USA and DCF in Europe, but I think there is now a cross over, which is causing the confusion.

On the main Nikon UK and global websites they do not mention ATB anywhere in connection with their Monarch range and possibly, for what ever reason they are not using that term any-more.

So my advice to be safe by making sure that you are getting the latest version, I would get the ones marketed as Monarch DCF binoculars.

I hope this helps and please if anyone knows any more information, please drop me a line or leave a comment below.

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  1. Tyler says:

    DCF stands for Diopter Central Focusing, just meaning the two focus controls on most binoculars, the one on the right eye cup, the Diopter, and the center focus is the central focus system. ATB like you said, All Terrain Binocular, which is basically the rubber coating that Nikon has put on a variety of their optics to help absorb any shock from falling. Some of their best optics have both of these in them as you mentioned. Pretty spot on!