8x32 vs 8x42 Binoculars

Video Version of this Article on 8x32 vs 8x42 Binoculars Continuing on with BBR’s mini “BinoWars” series in which I pit different instruments and different configurations against each other to see which is best, in today’s post I go over the most important differences between 8x32 vs 8x42 binoculars of similar quality. This will take […]

Are 32mm Binoculars all you Need?

On the Birdforum, someone recently asked a very good question pertaining to 32mm binoculars and rather than just a brief answer, I thought that it was well worth taking a far more detailed look into the following question which I have paraphrased below: Question: Are 32mm Binoculars all you need? Whilst out birding at first […]

Best Low Cost, All-Round Travel Binoculars

This BinoWizard question below is from Nancy who is after a low costing versatile travel binoculars that will perform in a wide range of scenarios: whale watching, cruise ships, safaris, kayaking and wildlife observation: Question: First time binocular buyer. Going on a cruise – whale watching, kayaking and hope to do a safari at some […]

Steiner 8x32 Merlin Binoculars – Skyhawk Binoculars

The whole series of Merlin Binoculars from Steiner have been designed with Birdwatchers in mind and these Steiner 8x32 Merlin binoculars will not disappoint as a great pair of bird watching binoculars. The have a slightly smaller ocular lens diameter (32mm) when compared to the Steiner 8x42 Merlin Binoculars that I fully reviewed earlier. Which […]