Gardenature Bird Feeder Camera Review

In this article, I am going to go over why chose to get the IP Camera System and Birdfeeder Housing from, our initial experience in setting up the system and then show you some example video footage that we have captured so far. My daughter, who is now almost nine, has started to show […]

Bird Photo Contest: Win Vanguard Endeavor ED’s

If like me, you enjoy taking photos of birds as well as looking at them through your binoculars, then here is your chance to get a little recognition for all your “hard” work, as well as getting the chance win a pair of top of the range Vanguard Binoculars. The Bird Photo Competition is […]

Birds in the Snow

I am sure that the reason that many of you who have or are considering buying binoculars are doing so to observe wildlife and in particular birds. If so, I am sure that like me you have a passion for wildlife and it’s preservation. Last night we had this years first real snow where I […]