Are Binoculars without ED Glass Any Good?

This is an interesting question, because the current trend / buzz word within the optics industry is ED glass and it was not so long ago that you only found ED glass on very high end binoculars. However there are many mid range and even some lower costing devices that have ED glass and all […]

Is Extra Low Dispersion Glass worth the extra cost?

Today’s question comes from someone wanting to find out if their money is being well spent on binoculars that use ED Glass (Extra Low Dispersion Glass): Question I have read your reviews and all your notes on the web page and spend hours searching for a suitable and not least affordable binocular… I know a […]

Best Compact Binoculars with ED Glass

This weeks question was sent into me from someone wondering about extra-low dispersion (ED) glass (or the lack of it) on compact & pocket binoculars: Question: I have learned most of what I know about binoculars from your website, now I am curious about a thing I have noted about ED lenses. They seem to […]

Best ED Binoculars under $350 / £350

Somebody recently sent me this e-mail looking for some advice on which mid range ED binoculars they should get for birding, hunting and sporting events: Question: I was set to buy the Theron Wapiti 8x42 APO ED binoculars until I read your article. I do like a lighter binocular but my main interest is quality. […]

Extra Low Dispersion Glass (ED Glass)

In recent years we have seen a huge increase in the amount of binoculars that use ED Glass (Extra Low Dispersion Glass) in their lenses. What used to be found only on a few of the very top end “super” binoculars, is now quite common and is used on a whole range of binoculars, even […]

Which ED Glass Binoculars?

I recently received the following question from a reader looking to choose between two reasonably priced ED glass binoculars: Question: I want to buy a pair of full size binoculars for every day use. I want a pair with ED glass, at what I consider a reasonable price. I came down with these two: Vanguard […]