Current Discounts & Cashbacks on Vanguard ED Binoculars – UK

I review a lot of Vanguard binoculars and one thing that always strikes me is just how good value for money they are and that is usually just after they have been released and they are being sold at or near their full recommended retail price (RRP). So when I spot them listed at a […]

£40 Cashback on Vanguard Binoculars

I tend to find and see far more rebates and cashback offers in the US, than when compared to the UK (especially where binoculars are concerned), so it is always great to see a manufacturer offering an incentive to buy their binoculars in the UK. A short while back I wrote about the US offer […]

8x42 vs 8.5x45 Binoculars

The generally “accepted standard” and probably the most commonly made and sold configuration of all full sized binoculars is 8X42 – that is binoculars with an 8x magnification and with 42mm diameter objective lenses. There are many good reasons for this, but is this set-up right for everyone or would something a little different be […]

Bird Photo Contest: Win Vanguard Endeavor ED’s

If like me, you enjoy taking photos of birds as well as looking at them through your binoculars, then here is your chance to get a little recognition for all your “hard” work, as well as getting the chance win a pair of top of the range Vanguard Binoculars. The Bird Photo Competition is […]