Your First Pair of Binoculars?

My First Pair: A recent post about a pair of Steiner Military binoculars on r/binoculars reminded me of my visit to the Steiner Factory in Bayreuth, Germany some years back. In it, there is a small museum with a bunch of interesting binoculars.

One of the first to catch my eye was the Steiner Wildlife 10x26 binoculars because they are the very first pair of binoculars that I ever went out and bought (probably around 2006).

It was these binoculars and the fact that I struggled to get any information on binoculars on the web that eventually led me to make a website about binoculars! What is cool is my pair is older than the example they show in their museum and because EVERY Steiner binocular is made in this factory, I got to visit the place where they were made 🙂

I still use these binoculars and whilst not expensive, they work well, are as tough as heck and thus are often the pair I stash in my bag or car when going somewhere where I might or might not need some optics.

I thought it might be interesting to start a sort of show and tell, so please feel free to post your story about your first pair in the comments below, if you still have them, why you got them and do you still use them? PS: If you have pictures and would like them included, contact me with your story and I will send you an address to post them to.

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