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Brunton Echo 10x42 Binoculars

About Brunton
An American company, based in Riverton, Wyoming: Brunton produce high end outdoor gear and adventure equipment that include portable solar power options, compasses, monoculars and binoculars.

Brunton produce four ranges of binoculars, all made to high quality standards. From the top of the range high end performance optics to quality binoculars at a more budget price. The Brunton Epoch's are their flagship high end binoculars, whilst the most popular range are the Echo binoculars that make an excellent choice when looking for some serious optics but at a reasonable price.

Other ranges from Brunton include the rugged Eterna and the just above entry-level Lite-Tech binoculars.

Brunton Echo Binoculars

There are 10 different binoculars within the Echo range, that vary from full size, mid size and compact binoculars as well as a full size marine version.

Sizes Available:

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Brunton Echo 10x42 BinocularsBrunton Echo Full Size Binoculars

The full size Echo binoculars are Brunton's newest line. The are probably best described as a mid level binocular perfect for those looking for a good quality pair of optics on a budget. All feature Bak-4 prism glass with their Emerald Fire full multi-coatings on the lenses and are fully waterproof as well as nitrogen filled to prevent fogging up of the lenses.

Eyeglass wearers are also well catered for with a twist-up eye relief system, that they say also makes for more comfortable viewing. What also impresses me is the 5-year warranty that offer you peace of mind for your investment and prove that Brunton believe in their product.

Sizes Available:

  • 10x42 mm
  • 8x42 mm
  • 7x50 Marine Binocular

Price Range
Ranging in price from about $220 - $250, they are competing with other very popular binoculars like the Nikon 8x42 Monarch ATB Binoculars and for a little more money you could get the Minox 10 or 8x42 BV's (view and compare all Mid Priced Binoculars that I have reviewed). But overall these mid priced binoculars, packed with features make good value for money:

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Brunton Echo 8x32 BinocularsBrunton Echo Mid Size Binoculars

Becoming more and more popular are binoculars that are not quite full size and not quite fully compact. Their popularity stems from the fact that they make a good compromise between image quality (brightness and field of view) and portability. Combined with their tough and  durable frame that's backed by a 5-year warranty I think these 10 and 8x32 Brunton Echo binoculars make ideal travel companions and as such will make excellent safari binoculars.

Like their bigger brothers, they feature Bak-4 prism glass with fully multi-coated lenses. They are fully waterproof as well as nitrogen filled to prevent fogging up.

Sizes Available:

  • 10x32 mm
  • 8x32 mm

Price Range
Similar in price to the full size versions, ranging from about $210 - $250, they are a much cheaper option than the excellent Swarovski EL 32 binoculars, but it must also be said that the Swarovski's are a far superior pair of optics. But overall these mid priced binoculars, packed with features make good value for money:

Available Downloads:


Brunton Echo 10x25 BinocularsBrunton Echo Compact Binoculars

Whilst Brunton produce 5 different compacts with 3 different objective lens diameters in the Echo range, in my opinion only 2 are worth considering:

The more expensive and better quality Echo Compact 8x25 and 10x25 binoculars are waterproof and nitrogen filled, making them fogproof as well. BaK-4 prism glass and fully multi coated lenses make these excellent value for money. Like the fill size versions, these also feature twist-up eye cups.

The other more budget options of the 8x22, 12x26 and 10x26 compacts from Brunton are not nitrogen filled, not waterproof and only have fully coated lenses and are not fully multi coated like that on the better quality versions.

Sizes Available:

  • 10x25 mm
  • 8x25 mm
  • 12x26 mm
  • 10x26 mm
  • 8x22 mm

The better quality 10x25 and 8x25 versions vary in price from about $60 to $80, which I think makes them excellent value for money. Amazon also often have them listed at a reduced price:

Available Downloads:


As well as the Echo range of compacts, Brunton also make an 8x25 and 10x25 compact in their Eterna range. For more, read a customer review of the Brunton Eterna 8X25 Binoculars


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Overall, I think the best way to sum up the Echo Range from Brunton, would be value for money.

It is true to say that they are not the best binoculars in the world, but it is also true to say that they are far from being the worst and I do think that you get a pretty good pair of binoculars for the amount you pay.

If you are looking for the best, then you should probably be looking at brands like Swarovski binoculars, Carl Zeiss Binoculars and Leica binoculars. But if you are looking for a good dependable, take anywhere pair of binoculars, that do not cost the earth, you could do far worse that a pair of Brunton Echo Binoculars.

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