Steiner Wildlife Pro 12x30 Binoculars Review

Steiner 12 x 30 Wildlife Pro Binoculars
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The unique selling point of these Steiner 12x30 Wildlife Pro binoculars is the impressive 12x magnification, which is the largest zoom in the Wildlife pro series from Steiner. However it is important to remember that good or even great binoculars are more than just about the strength of their zoom and so lets take a look and see why I think that these 12x30 Wildlife Pro's from Steiner may just be the ultimate wildlife viewing and safari binoculars.

Body Design
The first thing that you may notice is the slightly different body design to the other binoculars in Steiner's Wildlife pro Series. This is partly due to the increased magnification from the others like the Steiner 8.5x26 Wildlife Pro Binoculars, but they also feature profiled eyecups with a really good long eye-relief which allows for comfortable viewing but which also fold down easy for eyeglass use. As well as being comfortable, the profiled eyecups block out any light entering from the sides which can be very distracting.

The rubberised coating, makes for a really comfortable, ergonomic grip which in turn helps you keep a steady hand even in wet conditions. I also really like the balance of the 12x30's the slighter longer body than the others in the series really made them sit nicely, which can be important when you use them for long periods, like in a hide or when viewing animals over long periods from a safari game drive vehicle.

Compromise: Exit pupil and Field of View
As with most things in life, nothing is perfect and if something is strong in one area, you usually have to compromise in another. As you increase the magnification in a pair of binoculars, two things happen, the field of view and the amount of light entering the same binoculars will decrease. To compensate for this most binoculars increase the size of the objective lens. The problem with this is this will also dramatically increase the size and price of the binoculars.

I think as Wildlife and Safari binoculars, Steiner have got it just about right with these 12x30's. You get that really powerful 12x magnification, yet they have kept the objective lens small enough (30mm) to keep the binoculars compact enough to make them easily carried and packed away for travelling. They are also not too expensive - what I would classify as mid-priced binoculars.

The exit pupil measurement is 2.5, which makes them perfectly sufficient for well lit out door environments, like on safari and wildlife viewing. Perhaps in darker areas like forests these may fall down a little and I would not recommend them for these situations.

Another compromise to the big 12x zoom is the field of view which is pretty small when you compare it to binoculars with a smaller magnification. So again these Steiner 12x30 Wildlife Pro's would not make ideal binoculars for viewing fast moving objects like small, fast moving birds in trees as they may be difficult to find when looking through binoculars with a smaller field of view.

Perfect Safari Holiday Binoculars
However I think these binoculars really come into their own when used for what they were primarily designed for and that is wildlife viewing in the great wide outdoors. As a safari holiday binocular, I think these may almost be perfect. That herd of zebras and antelope on the African savannah will seem as if it were in your game drive vehicle with these, they are tough and so should survive most bumps encountered with travel, not too expensive so as to make them too precious to travel with and compact enough to easily fit into your luggage.

Steiner 12x30 Wildlife Pro Accessories
All Steiner Wildlife binoculars come with a comfortable neoprene neck strap that is cushioned making them easy to carry around the neck. The straps also have a quick-release buckle system and can be removed instantly for cleaning or replacement.

Even though the 12x30 Wildlife pro binoculars are waterproof, a rain-guard is included and is an important standard accessories. It will keep rain, moisture and dust off the eyepiece (ocular lenses) so you get clear views every time. The rain-guard attaches to the strap, so you won�t lose it , and slides on and off easily.

The binoculars also come with a really good case, made from thermo-formed PVC that basically adds another cushioning layer to the outside of the binocular, protecting them. The attractive sleek design looks good and is perfect for travel. A strap for the case is also included.

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