Swarovski Eyepieces

Swarovski 25-50x W Eyepiece

For the greatest flexibility, Swarovski have 3 interchangeable eyepieces that are compatible with all their ATM/STM, ATS/STS and the CTS spotting scopes: The 30x wide-angle eyepiece, 20-60x eyepiece and the 25-50xW wide-angle zoom eyepiece.

The are all watertight and a glass cover protects against dust and dirt even when the eyepiece is removed. The bayonet connector permits easy as well as a quiet change of eyepieces, which is important when near easily spooked wildlife. The automatic safety mechanism guards against accidental unscrewing of the eyepiece. In addition, all eyepieces have protective eyepiece covers.

Eyepiece lenses also have Swarovski's SWAROCLEAN coating on the outer surface that makes cleaning objective and eyepiece lenses much easier, above all when removing dried-on mineral residues (e.g. water marks due to condensation), insect repellents and tree resin. This means that the lenses require less intensive cleaning which significantly increases the longevity of optical products.

Swarovski 25-50x W EyepieceSwarovski 25-50x W Eyepiece

Swarovski's 25-50x W eyepiece, gives you wide angled viewing across a very wide range of magnifications, that covers the most common settings in birdwatching that enable you to scan the terrain and then zoom in for accurate bird identification. This eyepiece is also ideal for digiscoping as the wide-angle zoom makes it possible to take photos of whole flocks of birds as well as take detailed photos of individual species. All existing Swarovski Optik adapters are also compatible with this eyepiece due to dimensions matching those of the 20-60x eyepiece.

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Swarovski 20-60x EyepieceSwarovski 20-60x Eyepiece

This very flexible eyepiece with it's 20-60x magnification works well in a variety of situations, from scanning terrains to zooming right in for identification. It has a field of view of 108-60ft/1000yds even for eyeglass wearers due to individually adjustable twist-in eyecups that are removable for cleaning.

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Swarovski 30x W EyepieceSwarovski 30x W Eyepiece

Swarovski 30x W Eyepiece
A Wide-angle eyepiece with a 30x magnification that has a field of view of 126ft/1000yds even for eyeglass wearers due to individually adjustable twist-in eyecups that are removable for cleaning. This eyepiece is excellent for scanning the terrain and digiscoping.

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Swarovski Digiscoping

Connecting a digital camera to any Swarovski Spotting Scope is very simple using one of their specially designed camera adapters. Whist it is possible to use any Swarovski Spotting scope for digiscoping as they all use the same eyepieces, Swarovski recommend using their HD scopes for the sharpest image possible.

For more information check out this article on: Swarovski Digiscoping

Swarovski Camera Adapters
Swarovski Optik currently have four adapters that allow you to attach your DSLR camera or Campact Digital camera to their spotting scopes:

Swarovski Swaroclean

Swaroclean is an outer lens coating that according to Swarovski reduces the "energy on the surface" and makes cleaning them much simpler. So now cleaning both the objective and eyepiece lenses is much easier, especially when taking off things like water marks, insect repellents and tree resin. The overall effect is that the lenses require less vigorous cleaning which will significantly increase the life of your optics.

The Swarovski Spotting Scope Range

Swarovski produce scopes in two main sizes: 80 mm and 65 mm objective lens diameters. Choose from the 65mm versions for a more compact body and lightweight packing or the ultra light gathering 80mm model for low light viewing. Both sizes feature scopes with Swarovski HD lenses and are available in either angled (A) or straight body (S) designs. 

In all there are 12 spotting scope models, that are sold as "body only" and eyepieces are purchased separately.  Swarovski does this so you can choose between their 3 options of eyepieces - the 25x-50x Wide Zoom eyepiece, the 20x-60x Zoom eyepiece, or the fixed 30x Wide eyepiece.

Swarovski SLC BinocularsSwarovski Binoculars

Binoculars produced by Swarovski are some of the best and most highly respected on the market and just like their scopes,  Swarovski specialize in high end precision sports optics and they lead the field with their premium binoculars. Aimed at the professional or serious sports enthusiast, Swarovski binoculars offer the highest quality binoculars with ergonomic designs, functionality, and versatility and despite their high price are one of the most used binoculars on the market, as they say you get what you pay for and with Swarovski's, you get the ultimate.

Popular Swarovski Binoculars: