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Zeiss Victory 10 x56 T* FL Binoculars

About Carl Zeiss Sport Optics
The ultimate in quality optics and binoculars, Carl Zeiss was founded over 150 years ago in 1846 and to this day maintain the very highest standards. Headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany, in northeastern Baden-Wurttemberg, with production centers in Europe, North America, Central America, and Asia, and offices in over 30 countries, make no mistake, Carl Zeiss Binoculars are of the highest quality. As well as binoculars, Carl Zeiss manufacture the rifle scopes, eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, microscopes and optronics. Hollywood blockbusters like "Lord of the Rings" have been shot through Carl Zeiss objective lenses and the Ferrari Formula 1 team uses Carl Zeiss technologies to ensure the quality of its racing car transmission systems and bodywork.

Zeiss Binoculars

Carl Zeiss Binoculars pride themselves on the highest quality as well as innovation, examples of this include the special fluoride glass lenses found on the Victory FL binoculars and the newer Victory HT binoculars. These lenses contain fluorine ions that contribute to a further considerable improvement in image quality. Another example of innovation are the Victory RF Rangefinder Binoculars that display the distance to the object you are viewing with the press of a button.

Most binoculars in the Zeiss range feature fully multi-coated optics, water-repelling coatings, phase-coated prisms, twist-up eyecups, diopter control, and ergonomic focus. The high-end Zeiss binoculars are water proof and nitrogen-purged to ensure that no internal fogging occurs.

There are two main ranges produced by Zeiss binoculars, The Victory range is their top of the range binoculars and offer what they call "state of the art" performance with superior views and handling. And the Zeiss Conquest series, their "superior value" range that still maintains the highest Zeiss standards, but at a cheaper price level than the Victory series.


Zeiss Victory HT BinocularsZeiss Victory HT Binoculars

Zeiss describe their VICTORY HT Line of Binoculars as "Groundbreaking" and even go as far as to say that the VICTORY HT is the brightest super-premium binocular in the world!

Zeiss like most other premium optics manufacturers use a number of coatings and other technologies to help ensure that as much of the light that enters the binoculars get to your eyes, but a small percentage of light loss through absorption as the light passed through the glass was accepted as inevitable. What is special and new with the Victory HT is that they use new HT lenses by SCHOTT that they say now helps to ensure that these optics have a transmittance level of more than 95%.

As well as this High Transmission feature, the Victory HT binoculars also come with all the outstanding features present on the Zeiss Victory FL models:

Fluoride Lenses: The lenses also contain fluorine ions that contribute to a further improvement in image sharpness and colour correction.

T* coatings: The Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coatings are their own anti-reflection coatings that cover the surface of the lenses.

LotuTec coatings: The Zeiss LotuTec coatings are water-resistant and have hydrophobic qualities. They are applied to the external lenses of the ZEISS Victory HT binoculars and help ensure that any water rolls off the glass straight away without leaving any residue and that dirt and fingerprints do not stick to the lens.

Abbe-Konig-prism System: These ZEISS binoculars come with large Abbe-Konig roof prisms, which work without light-absorbing mirrors and are the brightest roof prism system available.

Sizes Available:

  • 8x42 Victory HT
    Weighing just 785g and with a 5.3 mm exit pupil diameter, a nice wide field of view and 8x magnification, these binoculars are perfectly suited for a wide range of different uses. The vastly superior transmission levels deliver very bright images even in very poor light conditions. This means that you can go on watching for longer, until deep into the twilight.
  • 10x42 Victory HT
    Just slightly heavier than the 8x42 Victory HT, the 10x42 version is ideal for slightly longer distance observation and yet it still has a nice wide field of view for a binocular with a 10x magnification.

Main Specifications:

  8x42 Victory HT 10x42 Victory HT
Magnification 8x 10x
Effective Lens Diameter 42 mm
Exit Pupil Diameter 5.3 mm 4.2 mm
Twilight Factors 18.3 20.5
Field of View at 1000m 136 m 110 m
Field of View at 1000yds 408ft 330ft
Subjective Viewing Angle 62° 63°
Close Focus 1.9 m
Diopter Adjustment Range 4/-4dpt
PrismSystem Abbe-Konig Roof Prism
Water Resistance 500 mbar
Functional Temperature in °C -30 °C/ 63 °C
Height 160 mm
Width 128 mm
Weight in Use 785g 795g

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Price Range
As they say, "you get what you pay for" and make no mistake, these Victory HT binoculars are the best of the best. Depending on which size you choose and at the time of writing they cost about about $2200 (£1600) - for the latest prices check the link below:


Zeiss Victory FL & Victory RF Binoculars

Zeiss Victory BinocularsAll the binoculars in the Zeiss Victory range feature their Water and oil repelling protective coating called LotuTech® and all except the compact 8x20 and 10x25 binoculars feature the Zeiss Fluoride glass (FL) which is said to offer outstanding edge definition and minimal color fringing.

Sizes available in the Zeiss Victory Range:

  • Victory Compact 8 x 20 T*
    Compact pocket binoculars for hiking and mountain climbing, operas and concerts.
  • Victory Compact 10 x 25 T*
    Compact pocket binoculars for nature observation, holidays and traveling.
  • Victory 8x32 T* FL
    Binoculars bright enough for all occasions. Ideally suited for stalking and field ornithology. Excellent performance even in the twilight hours.
  • Victory 10x32 T* FL
    Ideally suited for mobile hunting, wildlife observation and birding. Discover fine details with brilliant purity and razor sharp clarity both in the distance and at close range.
  • Victory 7x42 T* FL
    Highest light transmission of any binocular in its class, Nitrogen filled to prevent fogging and 100% waterproof
  • Victory 8x42 T* FL
    Similar to the 7x42's but with an improved 8x magnification
  • Victory 10x42 T* FL
    All the features of the 7x42's with an impressive 10x magnification
  • Victory 8 x 45 T* RF
    Zeiss laser rangefinder binoculars - LED displays, and integrated BIS™ ballistic information system
  • Victory 10 x 45 T* RF
    All the features of high-grade ZEISS binoculars, combining them with the functions of range-finding and ballistic information BIS™
  • Victory 8 x 56 T* FL
    The traditional pair of binoculars for hunters. Reliable binoculars from dawn to the poorest twilight.
  • Victory 10 x56 T* FL
    Most powerful binocular within the modern FL series.

So what do all the letters mean?

Victory HT Series
The Zeiss Victory HT series, use special High Transmission lenses by SCHOTT that they say now helps to ensure that these optics have a transmittance level of more than 95%

Victory FL Series
The Zeiss Victory FL series of binoculars all contain the Zeiss Fluoride glass (FL) which help keep the edge definition of the image sharp with minimal color fringing.

T* and P*
If you take a look at the features and descriptions of most Zeiss binoculars, they will mention T* and P*, so what does this mean?

They stand for Zeiss' two proprietary anti-reflective coatings are called T* and MC multi coating and an additional Zeiss-exclusive coating called P* which stands for Phase Correction Coating, which is applied to Roof Prisms to correct color fringing. These coatings are there to limit the small percentage of light that is reflected away when it hits the glass surface of the optics and thus does not enter the binoculars and then your eyes. The glass surfaces are treated with a microscopic layer of refractive material, such as magnesium fluoride. To achieve this multi coating, several such refractive layers are applied, when this is done correctly these coatings can dramatically enhance light transmission properties of the binoculars by delivering more of the available light to the eyes.


Zeiss Victory Range Finder Binoculars

Zeiss RangeFinder BinocularsSome of the most innovative series of binoculars in the Zeiss Range are the Victory Range Finder Binoculars, designed specifically for hunting.

The two models in this series, the Zeiss Victory 8 x 45 T* RF and Victory 10 x 45 T* RF come with very bright and powerful optics, but also include LED displays within the view that, with a press of a button on the binoculars will display the precise distance to the object you are viewing along with their integrated BIS™ ballistic information system.

Additional important features include ease of use and an informative, unclutered display concept - all in an ergonomic design for comfortable handling.

For more a demonstration how the Victory Range Finder binoculars work as well as a 360 degree view of the binoculars, their stats and features, click on the link below which will open a popup window (make sure your popup blocker does not block it)

View Demo of how the Zeiss Range finder works


Where to Buy Zeiss Binoculars:


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Featured Zeiss Binoculars

Below are a few featured Zeiss Binoculars: View All Zeiss Binoculars


Zeiss 8x42 Victory FL Binoculars Review

The Zeiss 8x42 T* binoculars are close to binocular perfection and make ideal binoculars for everything from birding and outdoor recreation to virtually any sightseeing venture.

Price: (6/6) Expensive Binoculars

Zeiss 10x42 Victory FL Binoculars Review

With an amazing 10x magnification and all the quality that you come to expect with Carl Zeiss Binoculars, the Zeiss Victory FL 10x42 T* binoculars make superb birdwatching binoculars and could be as close to the perfect Safari and Wildlife viewing binoculars as you could ever hope to get.

Price: (6/6) Expensive Binoculars


LotuTech® coating by Zeiss

Zeiss LotuTech®LotuTec® Coating was developed by Zeiss and uses a principal from nature, that they call the Lotus flower effect.

That is the water repelling characteristic of surfaces, to simply let water drops pearl off as well as repel dirt. LotuTec® acts as protective coating and cleaning and care is made much simpler. This technology has been used for a while on Carl Zeiss spectacle lenses and has now been developed for most of the Zeiss Victory Binoculars range (see full list below). Interesting to note that some Leica binoculars also have a similar coating, known as Leica AquaDuraTM-Coating.

LotuTec® advantages:

  • Dirt, grease and water repelling pearl-off effect.
  • Simplified, streak-free and gentle cleaning.
  • Contrast-rich and brilliant image.

The following are some of the lines Zeiss Binoculars use their LotuTech coatings:

  • Victory HT Binoculars
  • Victory FL Binoculars
  • Victory RF Range Finder Binoculars

Zeiss Contact Details

North America - USA
Carl Zeiss Optical, Inc., Chester
Phone: +1 800 441 3005 Fax: +1 804 530 8333
email: sportsoptics [@]

Europe - UK
Carl Zeiss Ltd., Welwyn Garden City
Phone: +44 1707 871200 Fax: +44 1707 330237
email: info [@]

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