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Orion Giant View 25x100 Binoculars
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About Orion Telescopes & Binoculars
Established in 1975, Orion produce and supply binoculars and telescopes which they sell direct to the customer.

They say that it is this direct sales approach that enables them to offer their customers a great value for money product and that they are proud of their reputation of producing good quality optics at a great price.

About Orion Binoculars

Probably best known in astronomy circles for their telescopes, Orion also specialize in binoculars for astronomy and high powered terrestrial observation and cater for most levels of user.

However they also have a good selection of standard sized and compact binoculars available in both porro and roof prism designs and suitable for a variety of uses including birding, hunting and marine use.



Orion GiantView Binoculars

Orion Giant View 25x100 BinocularsOf their astronomy binoculars, the GiantView series is probably their most popular and if it is not, the fact that it contains their largest model, the super giant 25x100mm GiantView, it certainly makes it the most spectacular!

The GiantView series currently (at the time of writing) contains two models, as well es the 25x100, there is also a 15x70.

Both models use BaK-4 porro prisms and come with fully multi-coated optics and i like it that both configurations allow for an exit pupil of more than 4mm, which along with the coatings allow of the brightest images possible.

This is a very important consideration when choosing binoculars for astronomy and indeed high powered long distance observation on land.

Important Features

  • Orion GiantView 15x70 Binoculars With Included Hard Carry CaseFully Multi-Coated Optical system
  • BaK-4 Porro Prisms
  • Included hard carry case
  • Sliding Tripod Mount on the 25x100 GiantView
  • 15x70 GiantView is tripod adaptable
  • Individual Focus Design - each eyepiece focuses individually, whilst not as fast as a central focus design, you get a good level of precision.
  • 4mm exit pupil on both models
  • 18mm of eye-relief
  • Fold-down rubber eye-cups

Models & Specifications

Below are the main specifications of the two different configurations:

Model FOV Eye Relief Min Focus Weight L (in)
15x70 GiantView 210ft 18mm 75ft 4lbs 10in
25x100 GiantView 131.3ft 18mm 100ft 10.1lbs 17.1in


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Great value for money large aperture binoculars, the 15x70 has a retail value of about $240 in the US, whilst the Orion GiantView 25x100 binoculars will set you back about $360 in the US and £320 in the UK:


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