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Levenhuk Monaco 10x42 Binoculars

About Levenhuk Optics
Levenhuk produce a wide range of optical instruments and accessories including microscopes, telescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars.

With their headquarters located in Chicago, USA and manufacturing facilities in China, they have a direct presence as well as a number of dealers located in the US as well as Canada and parts of Europe.

Levenhuk Binoculars

Levenhuk Optical Instruments have a fairly wide selection of binoculars, most of which are within the cheap to mid level price categories and thus should appeal to those new to optics or who are shopping on a budget.

The Monaco is their highest quality series in the mid to high value range, all of which use Bak-4 roof prisms with dielectric coatings for the highest light transmission levels possible which is impressive.

The Energy Plus range is one of their low cost options, but still come with water and fog proof shells that protect good quality BaK-4 glass prisms and fully multi-coated optics.

The different ranges and available sizes mean that they cater for most general and outdoor uses including birdwatching, hiking, hunting, sports observation and general wildlife observation.

Whilst they don't have a specific binocular designed for children, their lower priced, compact bins look to be a great option for older kids and teenagers.

Levenhuk also produce a wide range of opera glasses or theatre glasses as they are sometimes referred including some Lorgnette glasses and all come under their Broadway range.

Levenhuk Range of Binoculars:


Levenhuk Monaco ED 8x32 BinocularsLevenhuk Monaco ED Binoculars

The new flagship range from Levenhuk is their Monaco ED series:

This mid-to-higher end range currently consists of only three modes, a large and powerful 12x50, a standard-sized 10x42 and amid-size 8x32.

All Levenhuk Monaco ED binoculars feature phase-corrected, dielectrically coated roof prisms. The optical system is fully multi-coated and they boast ED glass elements within their lenses.

Whilst testing the 8x32 Monaco ED, I was also impressed by the inclusion of a all metal focus wheel, metal diopter ring and metal eye-piece housings and eyecup bodies. At their mid-tier price level (approx $279 / £299) these are not features that you always expect to see.

Levenhuk Monaco ED binoculars also come with an excellent level of accessories and the packaging is also really impressive, indeed it can almost act as a display case! The carry case and lens covers are also particular highlights in this regard and go way and above those that you get with most mid-range binoculars.

Models & Full Reviews:

Main Body Features:

  • Single Hinge Roof Prism Design
  • Rubber Coated Polycarbonate Plastic Chassis
  • Twist-up Eye-cups
  • Central Focus Wheel
  • Water & Fog Proof (Nitrogen)

Cost & Where to Buy:

Levenhuk Monaco 10x42 BinocularsLevenhuk Monaco Binoculars

The before the ED version came out this Monaco was the flagship range from Levenhuk that I would describe as being a mid level series.

There are currently six different models that range in size from the compact 10x25 to the high powered and large 15x56 Monaco that is an ideal as a long distance observation bin. The 8x42 Monaco is as you can read in my review a great mid level, all-purpose, general use binocular.

All Monaco binoculars come with fully multi-coated lenses and BaK-4 glass roof prisms that have a 57 layer dielectric coating, for the highest light transmission levels and which I have to say is an impressive inclusion at this reasonably low price point.

The body is a fairly standard and proven design for a roof prism binocular with a single bridge and large central focus wheel. They are fully sealed and filled with nitrogen making them both water and fog proof.

Levenhuk Monaco 10x42 BinocularsThe have twist-up eyecups and the diopter adjustment positioned in the standard location near the right ocular.

All models, including the compact 10x25 model are tripod adaptable and come with a neck strap, lens covers, cleaning cloth, nylon carry case and an impressive lifetime warranty.

Models & Full Reviews:

Main Specifications:

Shopping Basket IconPrices & Where to Buy

At the time of writing, these mid to high value Levenhuk Monaco binoculars range in price from $400 for the 15x56 model, to just under $170 for the compact 10x25 model. The most popular 8x42 model costs about $280. In the UK they range in price from £140 to £350:

Levenhuk Energy Plus 8x42 BinocularsLevenhuk Energy Plus Binoculars

The budget friendly Levenhuk Energy PLUS series currently consists of nine models, all of which use roof prisms made from BaK-4 glass and are fully multi-coated which is good to see at this low price point.

Levenhuk Energy PLUS binoculars all have waterproof shells (3ft for 60 seconds), and a single bridge body design with a large centrally located focus wheel. The have twist-up eyecups and diopter adjustment located near the right eye-piece.

Energy Plus bins come with a Nylon carry case, objective and ocular lens covers, neck strap, cleaning cloth and a lifetime warranty.

Available Models:

Shopping Basket IconPrices & Where to Buy

The low cost Levenhuk Energy Plus binoculars range in price from $80 for the compact 8x25 to just under $160 for the very powerful 16x42. In the UK they range in price from £80 to £140:

Levenhuk Rainbow 8x25 BinocularsLevenhuk Rainbow Binoculars

The Rainbow series consists of seven very colorful, low cost compact binoculars.

Optical features include the use of BaK-4 Roof Prisms and Multi-Coated Optics.

The chassis are completely sealed and filled with nitrogen gas making them water and fog proof. They also feature twist-up eyecups, something that is fairly rare at this price level on a compact.

However the biggest highlight for me is their double hinge design, which allows them to be folded up into a tiny package when not in use - these are true pocket binoculars.

As with all other Levenhuk binoculars, the Rainbow comes with an excellent worldwide lifetime warranty as well as a cleaning cloth, neckstrap and carry pouch.

Available Models:

There are currently 7 models within the Rainbow series, all of which are identical apart from the colors. Colors available are White Snow, Red Berry, Orange, Lime, Lemon, Blue Wave and Amethyst.

Levenhuk Rainbow binoculars - available in 7 bright colors

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These cheap compact binoculars retail for about $60 in the US and £55 in the UK:

Levenhuk Karma Pro BinocularsLevenhuk Karma Pro Binoculars

With 9 different models (see below), the Levenhuk Karma Pro series is another large range and is the top of the line option within their Karma family. All models use roof prisms and range in size from the compact 25mm versions, right up to the large 50mm options.

Boasting a four-element eyepiece design that helps ensure as wide field of view as well as produce a higher quality image, than the simpler designs used in their cheaper Karma Plus range.

Other highlights include a fully sealed shell with fog proofing, fully multi-coated optics and silver mirror coatings on the prisms.

Available Models:

Shopping Basket IconPrices & Where to Buy

Depending on the model you select, these Karma Pro bins range in price from around $90 up to $140. In the UK it ranges from £64 to £110:

Levenhuk Karma Pro BinocularsLevenhuk Karma Plus Binoculars

The Karma Plus series is very similar to the Karma Pro's (see above), but is placed at a slightly lower price point and as such there are a few important differences to be aware of.

Firstly instead of the 4 element eyepieces, these have a 3 element design, which vastly affects specifications like the field of view and close focus distance.

Secondly they only have multi-coated optics instead of the fully multi-coated system in the Pro series. They are also available in a slightly different range of sizes and magnifications (see below).

Most of the other changes are quite minor, you can read about them all and their effects in my full review of the Levenhuk Karma Plus 8x32 Binoculars.

Available Models:

Shopping Basket IconPrices & Where to Buy

Recommended Prices for the Karma Plus Series range from $64 up to $90. In the UK it ranges from £49 to £80, but they can be found cheaper than this at a number of online retailers:

Levenhuk Atom 10x25 BinocularsLevenhuk Atom Binoculars

The Atom is a basic entry level series with all of the models coming in under $45 / £40.

The series contains a number of roof and porro prism models, all of which have fully coated optics and as with all other Levenhuk's you get a worldwide lifetime warranty.

The roof prism compacts utilize my preferred double hinge body shape, which makes them far more compact when folded and gives them a much wider range when adjusting the IPD settings.

Roof Prism Compacts:

Porro Prism Models:

Shopping Basket IconPrices & Where to Buy

As mentioned earlier the Atom series consists of very cheap binoculars, the prices vary depending on the model, but all come in under under $45 / £40:

Levenhuk Broadway 325N Opera GlassesLevenhuk Broadway Opera/Theatre Glasses

Designed to be taken and used at the theatre or opera, Levenhuk Broadway Galilean binoculars have a 3x magnification with 25mm objective lenses (3x25), a wide field of view to make sure you can see all the action on stage and come in a wide variety of styles to suite most people preferences.

Some models come with a chain and others with a telescopic handle that enables you to adjust the lorgnette for your needs. LED flashlights are also integrated on some to help you locate your seat in the dark without overly imposing on others in the room.

All models have a central focusing and you can adjust the interpupillary distance to ensue that you can match them to the distance between your eyes.

The optics are fully multi-coated, which is good and better than many others out there at this price this helps to ensure that they produce a bright as well as good quality image even in dark theatre halls.

Levenhuk Broadway binoculars come with a carry pouch, suede cleaning cloth and an impressive lifetime warranty.


Levenhuk Broadway 325F Opera GlassesImportant Features & Specifications:

  • Magnification: 3x
  • Objective Lens Size: 25mm
  • Field of View @ 1000 yards: 327ft
  • BaK-4 glass
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Weight (approx): 0.7lbs
  • Dimensions (approx): 4.3x2.2x1.6in

Shopping Basket IconPrices & Where to Buy

Levenhuk Broadway binoculars like most theatre and opera glasses are relatively low cost when compared to standard bins. This is partly because the lower power means a simpler lens and less specialized coatings are used and they are not sealed and filled with a gas like nitrogen for fog proofing. The Broadway's cost under $40 in the US and £30 in the UK:


Where to Buy Levenhuk Binoculars:


Levenhuk Binocular Reviews

Below are some featured and fully reviewed Levenhuk Binoculars: View >> All the Levenhuk Binoculars that I have reviewed.

Levenhuk Monaco ED 8x32 Binoculars Review

Mid-sized binoculars with a mid-level price tag, but with many higher-end features make these Levenhuk binoculars great value for money.

Highlights include ED glass lens elements and very highly reflective dielectric coated prisms that are also phase corrected. The fully waterproof body has a metal focus wheel, metal diopter adjustment ring, metal eyepiece housings and, metal eyecups. All of these are not something that you typically see on a binocular costing less than $300

Price: (3/6) Mid Priced Binoculars
BBR Ratings:
Body Quality: 7/10 78%
Body Stats: 7/10
Optical Quality: 8/10
Optical Stats: 9/10
Image Quality 8/10
Extras & Details: 8/10

Levenhuk Bruno Plus 20x80 Binoculars Review

Very high powered 20x binoculars with a large 80mm aperture that are primarily designed for astronomy, but also make a very effective instrument for long range terrestrial observations during the day.

Particular highlights include a waterproof aluminium chassis, twist-up eye-cups and a built-in tripod mounting bar.

Good quality glass and coatings and large lenses combine well to deliver a bright, good quality view.

Price: (3/6) Mid Priced Binoculars
BBR Ratings:
Body Quality: 7/10 72%
Body Stats: 8/10
Optical Quality: 7/10
Optical Stats: 7/10
Image Quality 8/10
Extras & Details: 6/10

Levenhuk Atom 10x50 Binoculars Review

Highlights of these cheap large aperture porro prism binoculars from Levenhuk include a very wide field of view for a 10x bin and a good low light performance, making them well worth looking at for birders and most wildlife observers on a very tight budget.

Price: (1/6) Cheap Binoculars
BBR Ratings:
Body Quality: 6/10 60%
Very Good
Body Stats: 7/10
Optical Quality: 6/10
Optical Stats: 7/10
Image Quality 6/10
Extras & Details: 4/10

Levenhuk Karma Plus 8x32 Binoculars Review

Ideal for occasional, casual use or as a first time bin for an older child these cheap mid-sized binoculars from Levenhuk come with a well balanced, good looking and fully water/fog proof shell.

Internally the have multi-coated optics, silver coated Bak-4 roof prisms.

Price: (2/6) Low Cost Binoculars
BBR Ratings:
Body Quality: 6/10 60%
Very Good
Body Stats: 7/10
Optical Quality: 5/10
Optical Stats: 6/10
Image Quality 6/10
Extras & Details: 6/10

Levenhuk Monaco 8x42 Binoculars Review

These mild-level Levenhuk binoculars feature fully multi-coated optics with roof prisms that are dielectrically coated as well as phase corrected. This combined with a relatively wide FOV, good close focus and plenty of eye-relief ensures that they offer an optical performance that in some cases matches much higher costing binoculars. The body is made from a lightweight, high-performance polycarbonate plastic which has been fully sealed to make them fully waterproof. The have also been nitrogen purged so to prevent the internal glass surfaces from fogging.

Price: (3/6) Mid Priced Binoculars
BBR Ratings:
Body Quality: 7/10 75%
Body Stats: 7/10
Optical Quality: 8/10
Optical Stats: 8/10
Image Quality 8/10
Extras & Details: 7/10

Levenhuk Rainbow 8x25 Binoculars Review

Available in 7 different bright colors, these low cost Levenhuk Rainbow binoculars also feature a very compact double hinge design, fully water and fog proof shell, BaK-4 roof prisms, twist-up eye-cups and multi-coated optics.

Add to this a very wide field of view, then these and their other features combine to make a compact ideal for general use, travel, hiking and especially for viewing outdoor sports like horse racing, tennis or cricket, where I can see their colors really making them stand out from the crowd. They also make great kids binoculars.

Price: (2/6) Low Cost Binoculars
BBR Ratings:
Body Quality: 6/10 63%
Very Good
Body Stats: 9/10
Optical Quality: 5/10
Optical Stats: 7/10
Image Quality 6/10
Extras & Details: 5/10

Levenhuk Atom 10x25 Binoculars Review

Very cheap binoculars featuring an all metal lightweight and very compact twin hinge body design, perfect for taking wherever you go.

Other features include fully coated optics, BK-7 roof prisms and a field of view that is 288 feet wide at a distance of 1000 yards.

Price: (1/6) Cheap Binoculars
BBR Ratings:
Body Quality: 6/10 58%
Above Average
Body Stats: 9/10
Optical Quality: 5/10
Optical Stats: 5/10
Image Quality 5/10
Extras & Details: 5/10

View >> All the Levenhuk Binoculars reviewed on BBR.


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