Native English Writer & Bino Reviewer needed for BBR

Hi, I’m Jason, the founder of (BBR).

I started this site over 14 years ago out of an interest in binoculars that I picked up whilst training for and then working as a safari guide in South Africa.

Since then it has been growing slowly but surely and has finally reached the point where I can no longer keep up with the amount of articles and reviews that I need to publish from the gear that I get in to test and so I am on the lookout for a writer(s) and reviewer(s) to work on a freelance type basis.

The ideal person would be someone who:

  • Enjoys writing and is pretty good at it
  • Has a good understanding of and uses optics like binoculars, scopes and night vision gear on a regular basis (a birder, astronomer, or hunter etc)
  • Enjoys testing equipment and reads reviews before making a purchase
  • Can take a good photograph (only if you want to write the reviews. This is not required if you only want to contribute articles)
  • Who wants to earn a little on the side by writing about optics, their uses and would like to test and review products for BBR

The position will start with 1 article per week, with much room to grow beyond this if you can deliver consistent quality work. Each article will be between <800 - 2500> words per post (With an average of about 1500).

Once we have established a good working relationship, we could then progress to having instruments sent out to you to test, photograph and then review if you wish.

Please note that the main subjects of my site (Binoculars, Scopes, Night Vision & Accessories) is fairly technical and I also have very high editorial standards compared to most other blogs and especially other review websites out there.

Every post that I publish goes through a strict editorial process where I will check all claims and ideas for accuracy.

BBR readers trust my opinions and thus I absolutely must ensure that they are honest and that my content is of the highest quality.

After we settle into things, I would like to discuss the frequency that you would like to contribute as ideally I would like to get to about an article a day, either from one writer or perhaps more.

Initially you’ll be assigned topics along with a detailed brief from myself and given a submission deadline.

It’s quite likely that in the first couple of weeks there will be a lot of feedback and editing required, but generally once we get into the swing of things, that part should become minimal.

Recent Examples:

By all means check out my latest articles and reviews to get a feel for the sort of quality and style I am looking for.



Note that I only require you to write the content and then if you wish to write reviews, you will need to be able to take photographs. No web formatting, photo editing or design is required.


If this of interest, I would love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below don’t forget to add any relevant details regarding your experience, expectations and interests.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you!

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