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My interest in binoculars and indeed in optics in general began whilst I was working as a safari guide (field guide) in South Africa, where as part of my job, I used bins almost every single day. The idea for The Best Binocular Reviews website came about from the frustration I felt whilst looking for a new pair for myself - It was really difficult to find any good information as well as unbiased and objective evaluations on the web about any of the models I was interested in.

Thus the aim of this site (BBR) is to help in some small way by providing useful information on binoculars and related optical products, as well as completely unbiased reviews on selected products and brands and offer tips and guides to those looking into buying a pair.

BBR's BinoWizard – The AI Binocular Expert

Introducing: BinoWizard the AI Binocular Expert – Why, What, Who?

ChatGPT, Bing Chatbot, Google Bard, and many more, the rise of AI-generated content is a major problem for established content creation and review sites like BBR and it is only going to get worse. We're not equipped to compete against the tons and tons of easily-created content and fake reviews. We could run away from the problem, continue to pretend it doesn't exist, or perhaps embrace it and try and use this technology in an open, transparent way to create even better, more interesting content.

Somewhat of an experiment, my idea to achieve this is the BinoWizard:

An anti-hero AI Binocular Expert who has traveled back in time to teach us all about binoculars & save the world!

Follow the link above to learn why and how the BinoWizard was created, including his incredible origin story (which he wrote himself!), and how I want him to use his artificial intelligence to help me provide even better personalized binocular recommendations and reviews.

Best Binoculars 2022

Now into it's twelfth year! The BBR Annual Bino Awards is the main platform I use to highlight the very best binoculars that I have tested and reviewed in a range of different categories. Once again, I have been very fortunate to have tested some truly outstanding instruments and many of the top binoculars currently on the market which has meant that the competition to win an award this year has been tougher than ever:

Best Binoculars 2021

BBR: 100% Real & Honest Reviews!
I often get asked why haven't you reviewed "x" binocular from "x" brand. The answer is that unlike many binocular review sites you find on the web that simply make their evaluations up having never used, touched or even seen the instrument in question.

I only review binoculars that I have actually used and tested. Therefore not only is it physically impossible for me to "review" as many as these other sites, but I am also at the mercy as to which brands are willing to send me their products to put under the spotlight.

Start Here

Astronomy Binoculars

Best Binoculars for Astronomy - Buyers Guide
Celestron Echelon 20x70 Astronomy Binoculars

This is the place to start if you are either undecided as to if binoculars are what you need for astronomy, if you are not sure what features you need to look for of if you want to browse and compare some of the top astronomy binoculars on the market.

Once you have read this guide, you can take a look at all my reviews and then explore in more detail all the other articles within the astro section.

Binoculars for Astronomy

Birdwatching Binoculars

The largest section on BBR, which I guess is understandable as birds & binoculars kind of go together like cheese and pickled onions!

I'd also say that whilst it is possible to enjoy birdwatching without them, binoculars along with your bird book are the most essential tools to any birder.

So no mater if you are a newbie birder, seasoned professional, if you like like backyard birding or going on birdwatching holidays. This section has all the advice, tips as well as many suggestions and reviews of the best quality binoculars for your particular needs and at your budget.

Survival Binoculars & Binoculars for Preppers

In an survival, evacuation, get home in an emergency or indeed pretty much situation when the SHTF, the right pair of binoculars are one of the most essential pieces of kit as they enable you to:

  • Binoculars for Survival & PreppersScout ahead from a safe distance for people, dangerous situations or ambushes.
  • Scan potential routes or possible camping spots without having to go there, saving you time and energy
  • Monitor your surroundings for danger or opportunities, can be very important if you are camped or hunkered down for the night
  • Gather information: on people, game animals, and even supplies in your area

For more info, view the following BBR guides to the:

Best Binocular Reviews: Quality Not Quantity

I get quite a lot of people asking me why I have not reviewed a specific binocular. Not only is it impossible for me to review every set of binoculars on the market, but sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing - for example I find that when I visit many websites that sell binoculars, I am often baffled by the sheer amount of binoculars all being described as the greatest on earth, or I am sometimes disappointed by the quality of binoculars being described as the ultimate binocular.

My aim is to provide you with the best reviews of some of the best binoculars from the best brands... not the most!

When deciding which binoculars to test, I try and select higher specification good quality binoculars as these are what I am mostly interested in and I feel it is pointless for me to spend days using, photographing, filming and then writing about a device that I know I would not recommend to anyone.

If I test a pair of optics that I think they are rubbish, I will say so. It is more likely that rather than being completely bad, they will have certain features that fall short of the mark in my opinion and I will highlight them in my write-up. I would also like to point out that I am in now way compensated or influenced by any manufacturer, distributor of supplier to provide a positive review and they are all my own and truthful opinions.

Accessories & Gift Ideas

Bird Feeder & Bird Box Cameras

Gardenature Bird Feeder Camera Review
An excellent gift for the birder who already owns a pair of binoculars

Binocular Harness

Bino Harness
Another gift idea for those the binocular owner

Previous Years...

Also well worth keeping in mind and thus taking a look at are the best binoculars that I have tested in recent years past.

Remember optics are quite different to electronics in that the rate of development and technological advances occur much more slowly and thus what was a great binocular 5 or even 10 years ago (sometimes even more) is still going to be perfectly valid and compete with what is on the market today. The added bonus is that they are now usually listed in stores at substantially reduced prices.

Best Binoculars 2020

Still equally as relevant today as they were last year, be sure to also check out the best binoculars from 2020, 2019, 2018 and even beyond. Not only are these still excellent instruments today, but you also have a better chance of grabbing yourself a discount or deal:

Best Binoculars 2019

Best Binoculars 2018

June 2023 - Optics News & New Releases

Below are details of some of the latest news in the world of optics as well as new releases of binoculars best brands:

Best Budget Binoculars 2023 Under $200 (£/€)
Also: Under $150 & Under $100 (£/€)

Winner Best Budget Binoculars 2021 - Opticron Savanna WP 6x30 BinocularsPart of the BBR Binocular Award Winners Series, in this section I take a close look at this years as well as relevant past years winners of the award for the best budget binoculars over the past few years.

This is the ideal place to start if you are in the market for lower cost/ budget binoculars as I am 100% certain that each of them performs well above what their price tag suggests.

Whilst the title lists the binoculars as being under $200, in reality most of them are much lower in price than this with many being under $150 and some even under $100!

Maven CS.1 Spotting Scope Lineup Expanded

LANDER, Wyo. (Feb. 23, 2023) – Maven, the Wyoming-based manufacturer of premium optics,has just announced a brand new variation of their CS.1 Spotting Scope: the Maven CS.1 Spotting Scope. Developed to provide a powerful, yet compact spotting scope with an excellent level of optical performance that Maven says “won’t break the bank”, but originally only […]

New Compact ZEISS SFL 30 Binoculars Announced

Coming this spring, ZEISS has said that it will be introducing two new “ultra-compact” binoculars into their SF range. Lightweight & Compact These new models will have 8x30 and 10x30 configurations and thus use 30mm objective lenses, meaning they are most certainly small, but I personally would not describe them as ultra-compact binoculars. That being […]

Latest Binocular Reviews June 2023

Below are a selection of my most recent full and in-depth evaluations:

Alpen 10 x 42 Teton Binoculars
A tough, lightweight Magnesium Chassis protects top-notch HD optics, including ED glass lenses and an Abbe-Koenig roof prism system...
Viking 8 x 42 Osprey Binoculars
With features that you expect on high-end binoculars, these Vixen binoculars are priced at a level that places them in the mid-level range...
Hawke 8 x 42 Vantage Binoculars
Excellent value for money 8x42 binoculars that are both reliable and lightweight good for the outdoors & nature enthusiast shopping on a budget.
Hawke 7 x 32 Endurance ED Marine Binoculars
Mid-sized, mid-priced marine binoculars that break the mold using roof prisms, making them far more than just binoculars for boats & yachts...
Maven 12 x 50 B6 Binoculars
US assembly with Japanese-made components, these Maven B Series binoculars form part of Maven's elite line of optics & utilize many very high-end...
Levenhuk 10 x 50 Discovery Gator Binoculars
Low-cost classically designed roof prism binoculars with large(ish) 50mm lenses for a good low light performance...
Maven 10 x 42 B1.2 Binoculars
Smaller with improved optics, wider field of view & more. The B1.2 is a high-performance binocular with an incredible performance to price ratio...
Pentax 8.5 x 21 Papilio II Binoculars
Updated with a fully multi-coated optical system the Pentax Papilio II is now better & more versatile than ever...
Fujinon 8 x 42 HC Binoculars
Fujinon HC 8x42 binocular is outstanding and dare I say it, beautiful pair of optics that certainly stands out from the crowd. I especially like...
Opticron 8 x 32 Explorer WA ED-R Binoculars
Excellent quality, bright image, combined with an extremely wide view and small, lightweight body...
Levenhuk 8-20 x 25 Discovery Gator Binoculars
Low-cost, compact reverse porro prism binoculars that feature a 8x-20x zoom function...
Pentax 6 x 21 VM Monocular
Small, lightweight, and versatile monocular when combined with the complete kit easily converts into an 18x microscope...

Best Monocular Reviews

Leica 8x20 Monovid MonocularA monocular is basically half a binocular and because of this there are a number of advantages to them, but on the flip side, also some drawbacks.

Looking at the positives, they are both smaller and cheaper. However as you are only using one eye with a monocular, you do get a less immersive experience when using one.

However for the right person and in the right situations, they can be a good choice, be that as an alternative, or an instrument that you use to compliment your binos.

In the guides below I take a look at some of the very best in a range of price points and ideal uses:

Thermal Vision Reviews

AGM G2 Guardian Thermal vision SmartphoneThermal imagers let you see what your eyes can't: invisible heat radiation emitted or reflected by all objects, regardless of lighting conditions, meaning it can also work in complete darkness and which is why a thermal imager is always included in the gear that I take on any wildlife adventure, camping trip or safari.

There are several types of thermal imaging devices available. Some of them include thermal imaging binoculars, thermal imaging monoculars, thermal imaging sights, thermal goggles, clamping systems and even thermal vision smartphones or adapters enabling you to attach a thermal camera to your smartphone.

High-end thermal binoculars and monoculars can cost thousands, but there are now many other viable options that are far more affordable should you wish to get into the world of thermal imaging on more of a budget:

Athlon Binocular HarnessBest Binocular Harnesses

From the simple suspender type design, to sling styles, to the fully covered bino harness bags that come with extra carrying space for things like rangefinders and even ammunition, binocular harnesses have become one of the most popular bino accessories and for many users, an almost indispensable addition that improves comfort and thus adds to the overall enjoyment of using their optics when out in the field.

With many brands now producing their own versions, inevitably you get some that are good and others that are not. As well as this you also get those designed specifically for uses like birding and hunting, whilst others will suit most general types of uses. For more information and full reviews, check out the following links:

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