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About Maven Outdoor Equipment Company
Maven is an American company based in Lander, Wyoming who design and create high end binoculars and spotting scopes as well as a good selection of related accessories like cases, bino harnesses, tripod adapters and cleaning kits.

Somewhat unique to the optics industry is that Maven supplies their products direct-to-consumer (either on their website of I have seen that they have an outlet on Amazon), which is what enables them to produce such high performance optics that are comparable to the big European brands without the usual (typically around 50%) retail markup.

Maven Binoculars

Build Your Maven
A service that Maven offers and one which sets them apart from most other brands out there is the ability to personalize (#bling) your binocular. So you can't choose which optical components and coatings you'd like, but you can decide the color of a number of accents on the body, choose the body color and have your name engraved onto it should you wish.

Obviously you do have to pay for this service and depending on each individual build and your specific requirements, delivery is said to take up to four weeks after you have submitted your design, so this is something to keep in mind.

Stock Optics
Maven also maintain a stock of different models and designs that are cheaper and ready to ship right away. These are also the ones that you will find in Shops etc. It is important to note is that these "stock" Maven binoculars use all the same quality of components as the custom versions and with a good selection of color combinations, most people's tastes should be catered for:

Maven's Range of Binoculars:


Maven B1 BinocularsMaven B1 Binoculars

Of all the Maven Built ranges, the B1 would be classed as their "standard" full-sized series as both models use 42mm objectives.


  • The objective lenses comprise of 3 groups with 4 elements that includes an ED (extra-low dispersion glass) element designed to reduce chromatic fringing.
  • Lenses also contain scratch and oil resistant coatings on the exterior surfaces
  • Schmidt-Pechan roof prisms are used that contain dielectric coatings which due to its very high reflectivity index increased brightness and image quality
  • Maven B1 BinocularsThe chassis on the B1 is made from Magnesium alloy, is tripod adaptable, fully sealed and filled with nitrogen for fog protection. They are water proof and pressure tested at a depth of 1meter for 30minutes (IPX7 standard)

Models & Specifications

Both the 10x42 and 8x42 models are available with either orange, black or silver color options.

Model FOV Eye Relief Min Focus Weight Dim
10x42 341ft 16mm 6.6ft 30oz 5x6.2x2.1"
8x42 388ft 18.6mm 6.6ft 29oz 5x6.2x2.1"


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Make no mistake, like all others in the Maven lineup, these are elite level binoculars and so whilst not cheap, I do think that from around $900 they look to offer a very good performance to price ratio:

Maven B2 BinocularsMaven B2 Binoculars

All Maven B2 binoculars use 45mm objectives and so whilst I would still classify them as being full-sized, it does make them a little larger than those with 42mm objectives. The main positive aspect to these larger lenses is that they let in more light. This enables them to offer a better quality image and perform better in low light.

Highlights & Information

  • Like the B1 series, the larger 45mm objective lenses on all models within this series are made up of 3 groups with 4 elements which also includes an extra-low dispersion glass (ED) element for helping with chromatic fringing reduction.
  • Scratch and oil resistant coatings on the exterior surfaces are included
  • A difference to the B1 series are that Abbe-Koenig roof prisms are used in this B2 series and not the Schmidt-Pechan design. Abbe-Koenig prisms are longer and thinner (less compact) and I have read that their long focal length is said to be superior in reducing some aberrations. Another important difference is that all surfaces reflect 100% of the light and so a Abbe-Koenig prism does not require the use of costly highly reflective coatings like Silver or the Dielectric ones used on the B1's above to improve the internal reflection.
  • Maven B2 BinocularsThe chassis on the B2 is fashioned from Magnesium, is tripod adaptable, fully sealed and filled with nitrogen for fog protection. The are also water proof tested at 1 meter for 30 minutes to gain the same IPX7 standard as the B1.

Models & Specifications

Like the other Maven Built ranges, you can get the Maven B2 binoculars with either orange, black or silver accents. Below are some of their main specifications. For more, be sure to check out my full Maven B2 11x45 Binoculars Review.

Model FOV Eye Relief Min Focus Weight Dim
7x45 388ft 18mm 6.5ft 33oz 5.7x7.1x2.2"
8x45 377ft 17.3mm 4.9ft 33oz 5.7x7.1x2.2"
11x45 314ft 16.7mm 4.9 33oz 5.7x7.1x2.2"


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Larger lenses not only weigh more and let in more light, but do cost more to make and it is for this reason that the B2 series is a little more expensive than the B1. At the time of writing and depending on the model you choose, I was able to find them on sale for just over $1000 on Amazon:


Maven B3 BinocularsMaven B3 Binoculars

With 30mm objective lenses, the B3 series from Maven is their mid-sized option and ideal for those looking for a more lightweight and easier to pack device.

Highlights & Information

  • 30mm extra-low dispersion glass (ED) Objective lenses (3 groups with 4 elements)
  • Scratch and oil resistant coatings on the exterior lens surfaces
  • Schmidt-Pechan roof prisms with Dielectric coatings
  • Maven B3 BinocularsWaterproof (1m for 30 min. IPX7) & fog proof (nitrogen filled)
  • Polycarbonate Chassis
  • IPD Range: 56-73mm
  • Tripod Adaptable

Models & Specifications

Currently available with either 6, 8 or 10x magnifications with each being offered with either orange, black or silver accents. The table below highlights their main specifications:

Model FOV Eye Relief Min Focus Weight Dim
6x30 446ft 18.3mm 8.2ft 16oz 4.7x4.6x1.7"
8x30 430ft 15.1mm 8.2ft 16oz 4.7x4.6x1.7"
10x30 341ft 15.3mm 8.2ft 16oz 4.7x4.6x1.7"


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The 6x version of the Maven B3 has a list price of $500, whilst the 8x model is listed at $525 and then the 10x is at $550. Check out the link below for current prices:

Maven B4 BinocularsMaven B4 Binoculars

The big daddy series of Maven Binoculars. B4 models are large instruments with 56mm diameter objective lenses. Perfect for improved light gathering, which enable bright images even when higher magnifications like the 12x and 15x models are used.

Highlights & Information

  • Large 56mm Objective lenses, which include extra-low dispersion glass (ED) elements arranged into 3 groups with 4 elements.
  • Scratch and oil resistant coatings on the exterior lens surfaces
  • Like the B2 series, these large B4's use the Abbe-Koenig roof prisms. This design pis longer and thinner (less compact) than the Schmidt-Pechan ones and I believe that they have a superior long focal length and more surfaces reflect 100% of the light and so on longer, more powerful bins like these can perform better.
  • Polycarbonate Chassis
  • Maven B4 Binoculars with TripodWaterproof tested to a depth of one meter for half an hour (IPX7 standard)
  • Nitrogen filled for Anti-fog protection
  • Tripod Adaptable

Models & Specifications

Available with either 10, 12 or 15x magnifications, once again the stock versions of the B4 is offered with either orange, black or silver accents. The main specifications of each version is displayed in the table below:

Model FOV Eye Relief Min Focus Weight Dim
10x56 351.8ft 17mm 9.8ft 48oz 6.1x8.2x2.7"
12x56 288.8ft 18mm 9.8ft 48oz 6.1x8.2x2.7"
15x56 231ft 18mm 9.8ft 48oz 6.1x8.2x2.7"


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Depending on the chosen magnification, Maven B4 Binoculars have a list price that ranges from $1300 to $1400. Check out the link below for current prices:

Maven B5 18x56 BinocularsMaven B5 Binoculars

The high power, long distance series: Similar to the B4, the B5 incorporates large 56mm objective lenses, but this time Maven Built piles on the magnification and makes additional improvements to the optics to cater for this increase in power. Also note that a higher spec magnesium chassis is used instead of a polymer plastic one as is the case with the B4.

Major Strengths:

Take a look at my full Maven B5 18x56 Binoculars Review, but to give you an idea, below are some of the main strengths that really stood out for me when testing them:

  • Excellent build quality using high-quality materials and components
  • High level of components used, like the metal focus wheel and all-metal eyepiece housings and removable eye-cups
  • Alpha level optical components made in Japan directly results in a much higher than average quality of view, far less color fringing and greater image brightness than what I would have expected with such a high power
  • Long Eye-relief with excellent quality metal eye-cups, good option for those who wear glasses or some sort of eye protection on the range for example.
  • Hands down one of the best focus wheels and focus mechanisms in the business: looks great and works even better!
  • Excellent image detail by use of the large magnification and high-quality optics

Main Highlights

  • Japanese Made Components
  • High Powers: 15x and 18x
  • Abbe-Koenig Roof Prisms - reflect 100% of the light helping powerful bins like these perform better especially in low light
  • Large 56mm Objective lenses, which includes extra special Fluorite extra-low dispersion glass (ED)
  • Scratch and oil resistant coatings on the exterior lens surfaces
  • Magnesium Chassis
  • Waterproof tested to a depth of one meter for half an hour (IPX7 standard)
  • Fogproof (Nitrogen filled)
  • Tripod Adaptable

Models & Specifications

Maven B5 binoculars are available in either a 15x or a mega 18x magnification:

Model FOV Eye Relief Min Focus Weight Dim
15x56 236ft 17.8mm 9.8ft 45oz 6.1x8.2x2.5"
18x56 194ft 18mm 9.8ft 45oz 6.1x8.2x2.5"


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When you consider the build quality & components and a price that is far lower than much of their direct competition I would say that the Maven B5 binocular is good value for money:

Maven C.2 Binoculars

Maven C.2 BinocularsNew from Maven and amongst some of the highest specification compacts on the market are these C.2 Compact binoculars.

Not only do these Maven C2 binoculars have ED glass lenses (which is rare on a compact), but come with fully multi-coated optics, phase corrected prisms and the very best dielectric coatings on them for maximum reflectivity and thus the highest possible performance.

In addition to this, Maven C.2 Compacts also have protective coatings added to the exterior lenses, are fully fog and waterproof and protected by a lightweight polycarbonate shell.

The Maven C.2 binoculars come in two configurations, the 7x28 with it's super wide field of view and large exit pupil for great low light performance and the 10x28 for those who's main requirement is to get closer to the action.

More Information
With full specifications & features: New compact Maven C.2 Binoculars

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Considering their very high quality features, their relatively low RRP of only $200 looks to make these excellent value for money high end compact binoculars:


Where to Buy Maven Binoculars:


Maven Binocular Reviews

Below are some featured and fully reviewed Maven Binoculars: View >> All the Maven Binoculars that I have reviewed.

Maven 11x45 B2 Binoculars Review

A unique 11x45 configuration using the best quality body and optical components results in an extremely high quality instrument from America that is on a level with the top European brands but at a price that makes them a really attractive proposition.

Highlights include Fully Multi-Coated Optics with ED Glass lenses, phase corrected Abbe-Koenig Roof Prisms and a super stylish, tough and waterproof Magnesium alloy body.

Price: (5/6) High Value Binoculars
BBR Ratings:
Body Quality: 9/10 85%
Body Stats: 7/10
Optical Quality: 9/10
Optical Stats: 8/10
Image Quality 10/10
Extras & Details: 8/10

Maven B5 18x56 Binoculars Review

Super high powered binoculars with an equally high level of renowned Japanese optics, coatings, components and a build quality to match.

The 18x56 Maven B5 binocular is designed to deliver high quality, highly detailed views a long distances and all at a price well under that of most other "alpha" level instruments.

Price: (6/6) Expensive Binoculars
BBR Ratings:
Body Quality: 9/10 88%
Body Stats: 8/10
Optical Quality: 10/10
Optical Stats: 9/10
Image Quality 9/10
Extras & Details: 8/10

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Maven Binoculars on Amazon:



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Telephone: 800.307.1109