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Best 8x32 Binoculars Under $350 (£/€) 2023

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The question this week is short and sweet and I thought I would publish it and my answer as I thought that it may be of use to others who may stumble upon this post:

Matthew asks: what are the Best 8x32s under £350 ($) and that you recommend.

Firstly I think it is impossible to state definitively that any binocular is simply the best, but we can take a look at some great ones and I will only be able to recommend from a pool of 8x32 binoculars that I have actually tested and reviewed.

Also as you did not mention what your main intended use for them is, I will base my answer on a good all-round instrument.

Compare 8x32 Binoculars

As usual, the best place to start is to look at the contenders and thus take a look at the table below that consists of a selection of the 8x32 binocular reviews that I have written.

It also lists their main features, components and scores that I have given them, this makes it easy to make a shortlist as we can quickly compare them:

Compare Side-By-Side:

Note: To get a better view, you may want to open table in full screen mode (link opens in a new tab).

Recommended Best 8x32s Under $350 / £350 / €350

So going through this list and keeping in mind your budget, my favorites for you and the ones that I would highly recommend are the following:

Minox BL 8x33 HD Binoculars Review

The Minox BL HD is an updated and reworked version of the really popular and already excellent Minox BL 8x33, that now includes HD lens elements that improve the image quality even further.

Made and hand finished in Germany, other highlights include a fully waterproof compact and lightweight open bridge body design, phase correction coating on the roof prisms, long eye-relief and a really wide field of view.

Price: (4/6) Mid-High Value Binoculars
BBR Ratings:
Body Quality: 8/10 80%
Body Stats: 8/10
Optical Quality: 8/10
Optical Stats: 9/10
Image Quality 8/10
Extras & Details: 7/10

Opticron Discovery WP PC 8x32 Binoculars Review

For a mid-sized binocular, the 8x32 Opticron Discovery is ultra compact and lightweight, has a very wide field of view and extremely minimum close focus.

Add to this good quality optics and a mid range price point and you have an instrument that is ideal in a very wide range of uses and thus will appeal to a huge selection of users.

Price: (3/6) Mid Priced Binoculars
BBR Ratings:
Body Quality: 7/10 80%
Body Stats: 10/10
Optical Quality: 8/10
Optical Stats: 9/10
Image Quality 8/10
Extras & Details: 6/10

Hawke Endurance ED 8x32 Binoculars Review

Mid-sized, mid-priced Hawke binoculars that impress in almost single every area.

A fully fog and waterproof magnesium housing protects high quality and fully multi-coated optics with highlights that include ED glass lenses, BaK-4 roof prisms that have been phase corrected.

The result is a high quality and bright image that has a wide field of view, good close focus and delivers plenty of eye-relief.

Price: (3/6) Mid Priced Binoculars
BBR Ratings:
Body Quality: 8/10 80%
Body Stats: 8/10
Optical Quality: 8/10
Optical Stats: 8/10
Image Quality 8/10
Extras & Details: 8/10

BinoWizard Advice

As you can see from the final overall scores all three options above are not only outstanding, but are also very closely matched.

Minox BL 8x33 HD Binocular

Whilst not strictly an 8x32 (but it is close enough), in terms of the overall quality of the instrument, the Minox Binocular has it for me.

As well as producing a fantastic image, it also has an extremely wide field of view making it a great choice in a wide range of areas, but will be especially interesting to birders, hunters and general wildlife enthusiasts.

The build quality on this German binocular is superb and the only slight let down for me when I tested them was the level of the accessories (case and neck strap) did not quite match that of the actual binocular.

However they are also a little more expensive than the other two:

Opticron Discovery 8x32 and Hawke Endurance ED 8x32 Binoculars

Both the Opticron and the Hawke Binoculars offer extremely good value for money and are a great choice is you want to save a little.

Whilst their overall feeling of class and quality may not quite live up to that of the Minox, they make up for it in other areas.

Opticron Discovery - Lightweight & Compact

If you are looking for a mid-sized binocular that is almost as small as a compact, then the Opticron would be the way to go. It also matches the Minox in terms of the stats and whilst it does not quite match the width of view of the Minox, it is still excellent.

Hawke Endurance ED
This is the complete great value all-rounder, without any real weaknesses, it is perfect for those who want a bin to perform in a wide range of areas and interests.


So there you have it. My top 3 recommended 8x32 binoculars under 350 ($/£/€).

My advice from here would be to take some time to read each of the reviews and from there you will get a much better understanding of which one you like the most and which will suit your personal preferences the best.

I hope this helps and thanks for reading!

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