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Steiner 10 x 44 Peregrine XP Binoculars
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Please Note: This is a "BBR ReviewMini" of the Steiner Peregrine XP 10x44 Binoculars. About BBR Mini Reviews

What The Manufacturer Says:

Steiner's top-of-the-line Peregrine XP (also known as the Steiner Discovery in the UK) comes in a lightweight magnesium body that has gel-filled grips and thumb pads for extra comfort. The smooth focus wheel needs only 1.5 turns to travel from near to infinity. High definition optics developed by Steiner result in optimal brightness, color, and contrast. Steiner offers a 30-year limited warranty for the Peregrine XP binocular.

Most of the best birding binoculars tend to use 8x magnifications, this is because a higher magnification usually means a narrow field of view. With the Steiner 10x44 Peregrine, they have managed to keep a fairly impressive viewing field with an angle of 6.2°. This pretty wide field of biew, combined with powerful 10x magnification makes the Peregrine 10x44 XP the ideal binocular for up-close discovery that includes things like birding in more open terrain.

The 44mm lenses transmit more light to your eyes than similar sized 10x42 models (They are nearly 10% larger). The new XP binocular also has an exceptionally large 30 mm ocular lens. These larger lenses combined with XP Lens Technology and the binocular's ergonomic body design with fast focusing system give it rapid handling that makes focusing on close or distant subjects easy and comfortable.

Nano Protection
The Peregrine XP uses Steiner's revolutionary new lens coating application called "NANO protection" which eliminates rain, snow and moisture from your view. NANO is a permanent hydrophobic coating that is so smooth that it's even smooth at the molecular level. The NANO coating is applied to both the objective and eye-piece lenses.

Like many Steiner models, the Peregrine XP is Mil.Spec (meets mil std 810-E) waterproof and is pressurized at 22 PSI (over pressure 7.25 PSI) with dry nitrogen gas.

High Definition Optics
Steiner developed these remarkable optics. The optical formula is our own development using the purest index matched glass, and coatings using rare-earth formulations of titanium, fluorite and other mineral substrates. The result is record brightness and truest color, with optimal contrast.

Eye Relief
With 30mm wide eyepieces or "oculars", you not only gain a "into the image" feeling, but you also get the highest comfort of any roof prism binocular - making the view very engaging with no light or peripheral interference.

Gel-pad Thumb Grips
The first thing you'll probably notice is the uniquely "grip-able" surface on the thumb pad area of the Peregrine XP. Soft and confortable - like little pillows for your thumbs. The XP's light weight and comfortable feel in your hands will make you more effective when you're glassing.

Twist-up Eye-cups
With the XP's extensive eye relief, you'll be able to set the desired eye-distance or eye relief for maximum viewing comfort. It's easy to use the XP with or without eyeglasses, or with the convenient glare blocking side flaps, or not.

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BBRMini Reviews?

What this means is that this Steiner Peregrine XP 10x44 Binoculars review is al little shorter and not the usual super in-depth hands-on type of review that you may be used to seeing here on BBR.

This is because I have not had any hands-on time with the product and thus I have not been able to comment on aspects like the build quality or that of the view quality where it would require me to actually handle and use them.

Instead, I have used my experience to form some basic and logical opinions based on research as well as the stated specifications and features supplied my the manufacturers.

Why Are you Making Them?
The main reason for me providing this mini listing is to get these Binoculars added into my database so that we can then compare their stats and features against all the other binoculars on the BBR website that I have fully hands-on tested and reviewed.

Despite this not being a 100% review, I hope that you still find it both interesting and the information and my opinions useful in your search. As always any comments and feedback is always welcomed.

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