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Binocular HarnessThe binocular harness, or binocular suspenders as they are sometimes called, can be in certain situations a very useful and relatively inexpensive accessory for your binoculars that can make all the difference between you enjoying your day or spending it fumbling around juggling your equipment.

Why use a Binocular Harness
There are actually a couple of reasons why you would use a bino harness, the main one is that they securely and comfortably attach your binoculars to your body, freeing up both your hands when you are not actually using them. Your regular binocular strap can be sufficient, but they don't usually prevent your binoculars from swinging about and are less secure than a harness that makes it almost impossible to drop your optics. A harness also makes it far more comfortable to carry your binoculars, but is most useful to people who carry other equipment with them in the field, this can include birders who carry a bird book, photographers and hunters.

Dual Harness
If like me you often carry your camera as well as a pair of binoculars with you, or indeed if you need to carry two different cameras, camera lenses or other equipment, you should consider a duel harness system that allows you to comfortably carry more than once piece of equipment with you: Dual Harness Straps.


Celestron binocular harness strapCelestron Binocular Harness Strap

Winner of the Award for the Best Bino Accessory of 2014

Simple and uncomplicated, yet it does what it is designed to do and does it very well. This binocular harness from Celestron is an inexpensive option for those looking to take the weight off their shoulders and free up both their hands when not glassing.

For more, please read my in-depth and hands-on review of the Celestron Binocular Harness Strap which includes photos, fitting instructions, my experience after using them and where to buy.


LockDown Optics Deployment System

LockDown Optics Deployment SystemThis has to be one of, if not the best binocular harness that I have ever used:

Why? Well first and most importantly it secures your binoculars against your chest in such a way as they will definitely not swing around. As well as this, it fits very comfortably to your body and makes carrying even heavy binoculars for a long time no problem at all. They also make accessing your optics as well as returning them to your chest very quick. Another advantage of the LockDown system compared to most other binocular straps is that it has a pliable cover for a low profile fit that also protect your lenses, meaning you don't have also replace your lens caps every time you use them in the field as you do with a conventional harness. I was also very impressed with the overall quality of the product.

For more, please read my full review of the LockDown Optics Deployment System that includes fitting instructions as well as all the advantages as well as disadvantages to using them.

There are currently 2 colour combinations available: Black & Gray (pictured) or Black & Camo

The also come in two sizes:

  • LockDown for binoculars from 6" to 7.5" in length.
  • LockDown Micro for binoculars from 4.5" to 6" in length.

Where to Buy & Prices
So far I have only been able to find them available in the US, where they are available for around $40:

Shop In the USA LockDown Optics Deployment System on

More Information
Read the full review of the S4Gear LockDown Optics Deployment System


Ultra-Light Binocular HarnessUltra-Light Binocular Harness

Weighing in at a staggeringly low 1 ounce, the Ultra-Light Binocular Harness design is surprisingly simple, yet looks to be incredibly effective as well and perfect for those wishing to travel as light as possible..


  • Weighs only 1oz
  • Easily holds heavier binoculars up to 10x50
  • Single point adjustment
  • Adjust the harness for size whilst wearing it
  • Quick Disconnect System
  • Easily wraps around the binocular for hassle free storage
  • Can be worn in four ways (see image below)

Rather than trying to explain all these features, take a look at the video below that does a great job of demonstrating them for you:

Where to Buy & Prices
The Ultra-Light Binocular Harness has a list price of $24.95, but at the time of writing was on sale for about $20, which I think makes them look like pretty good value. I was not able to find them listed in the UK, but am sure they will be available soon, so it is worth taking a quick look at the link to below:

Shop In the USAUltra-Light Binocular Harness at Eagle Optics

Shop In the UKBinocular Harnesses on



Bushnell Deluxe Binocular Harness

Bushnell Binocular HarnessThis deluxe harness from Bushnell comes highly rated and as they say is "a carry solution of unparalleled comfort and performance." It keeps the weight off your neck and keeps your optics front and center, no matter where the you go you.

Bushnell also produce a "standard" binocular harness that does not include the large back plate and has slightly thinner straps.

Where to Buy & Prices
The Deluxe Harness costs around $20 in the US or about £20 to £30 in the UK:

Shop In the USABushnell Binocular Harness on

Shop In the UKBinocular Harnesses on



Steiner ClicLoc Harness System Steiner Clicloc Harness System

The Steiner ClicLoc Harness is a suspension system for sport optics that uses criss-cross straps across a user's back to evenly distribute the weight of a binocular, thus shifting the burden off shoulders and neck. Also, the harness keeps an attached sport optic close to the chest and prevents bouncing and jangling when the user is in motion.

The ClicLoc portion of this harness is a locking attachment point to secure a binocular to the harness. A push-button found at both left and right linking points will release the binocular, otherwise the optics will remain securely fastened to the ClicLoc harness.

Where to Buy & Prices
This Clic-Loc system from Steiner costs around $30 in the US or about £35 -£40 in the UK:

Shop In the USASteiner ClicLoc on

Shop In the UKSteiner ClicLoc on



Dual Harness

If like me you often carry your camera as well as a pair of binoculars with you, or indeed if you need to carry two different cameras, camera lenses or other equipment, you should consider a dual harness system that allows you to comfortably carry more than once piece of equipment with you:

OpTech Dual Harness StrapOpTech Dual Harness Strap

OP/TECH USA, is as the name suggest an American company and is located in Montana, less than ninety miles from Yellowstone National Park. They are proud of the fact that they are family owned and run and almost all of their product still manufactured in their Montana factory. As well as binocular and camera harnesses they produce a wide range of other straps, slings, pouches and covers for cameras, binoculars and other outdoor equipment.

One of their best and most innovative pieces of equipment are the OpTech Dual Harness that allows you to comfortably and securely carry two cameras or binoculars. The design of the U-shaped neoprene neck pad evenly distributes the weight of your gear while absorbing the shock of your movements.

Because the dual harness strap uses the 3/8" connectors, your gear remains safely in the upright position at your sides. This keeps the camera or binoculars stabilized and secured within your view and grasp. By also maintaining the camera in the upright position, no stress is put on your camera, lens or shoe-mount flash units. Your cameras can be quickly and easily brought to the proper shooting position with the self-gliding connectors.

Where to Buy & Prices
The Optech Dual Harness costs around $20 - $25 in the US or about £30 in the UK:

Shop In the USAOpTech Dual Harness on

Shop In the UKOpTech Dual Harness on

Available Sizes
Regular: 34" - 44" (86cm - 112cm) Chest
X-Long: 44" - 56" (112cm - 142cm) Chest


Below is a short video that goes over some of the advantages of using a binocular harness:


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