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Binocular Repairs - Leica Duovid Binoculars Cutaway I often get sent questions about peoples optics and one of the most common is "where can I get my binoculars repaired." So I thought I thought that I would put together a page of information and resources related to servicing and repairing binoculars, that I hope will answer most of your questions and get your optics back into working condition.

Which Binoculars can your Repair

As far as I have been able to find out pretty much any pair of binoculars can be repaired. You get some companies that specialise in niches like wartime and vintage binocular repairs and then obviously if you have a newer pair that is still under warranty you can get it repaired or even replaced by the manufacturer or distributor themselves.

Almost all makes of binoculars can be repaired including all the major brands like Swarovski, Steiner, Minox, Zeiss, Leitz, Leica, Canon, Nikon, Opticron, Bausch and Lomb, Avimo, Optolyth, Miyauchi, Fujinon etc etc.

Zoom type binoculars can also repaired.

Which Faults can be Repaired

Again pretty much every problem can be repaired from collimation problems to even modifying some binoculars to focus closer. Once opened to be repaired, your waterproof binoculars can then even be re-sealed and purged again with zero grade nitrogen to ensure that they remain water and fogproof by some of the better repair companies. Binoculars can also be serviced, where they will be completely stripped down to be thoroughly cleaned both inside and out, new lubricants put on all moving parts and then sealed up once again. Any small repairs will also be carried out as well as checking for any collimation issues.

Nikon Monarch Binoculars Repair - CutawayHow Much Does it Cost?

What it costs to repair binoculars obviously depends on what need to be done, but also what type and age of binoculars you have. The best companies (see below) will be able to give you a free estimate if you request it, but below are some price guides that I have been able to find out for you:

Depending on type and complexity of binocular, a straightforward correction of assembly, collimation and test will start at about $30 / £30.

For a full porro prism binocular service that includes fully stripping down the binoculars to clean the mechanical parts, renew the lubricants, any minor repairs, clean the optics, reassembly, adjustment for a smooth operation, collimation, testing and cleaning externally is available from about $50 / £40. Note: Roof prism binoculars usually cost a little more.

Nitrogen purging for water-proof or sealed instruments (as part of the overhaul) costs about £20 / £10.

Where to get your Binoculars Repaired

Repairing binoculars is not something that just anyone can do, especially if you want it done properly.

That is why I highly recommend that in the first instance if your binocular is still under warranty that you first contact the manufacturer. Even if your binoculars are not under warranty it is worth contacting the makers, they in many cases will be able to help by suggesting where they recommend that you get the problem fixed.

To find the address of your make, take a look at my page about your manufacturer, at the bottom of most of them I have included their contact details: Binocular Brand Details.

To help I have also listed links to the contact details of a few of the most commonly asked for brands below:


Binocular Repairs UKBinocular Repairs UK

Binocular Repairs in the USABinocular Repairs USAIf you have a problem with you binoculars, especially if it is just a collimation issue, I recommend trying the companies below, both are based in the UK, but they also tell me that they will accept accept binoculars for repair from all over the world.

Opticalia - Binocular Repairs LogoOpticalia - Binocular Repairs

Opticalia was founded in 2005 and specialises in the repair and service of photographic and specialist optics, like binoculars and scopes.

In the past Opticalia has operated as the service centre for the Bresser and in particular their successful 'Safari' range of binoculars and other optical products. Currently they deals with all the service and guarantee work for Barr & Stroud as well as the Swedish Adler Optical company.

They also welcome all enquiries from the public for the repair of binoculars and scopes.

As well as repairing binoculars, they offer a range of refurbished binoculars as well and are also the UK distributors of Luna Optics Night Vision Products.

Contact Details
Opticalia Ltd
Email: enquiries [at]
Telephone: 023 80455872
Mobile: 07771922243

Postal Address:
Opticalia Limited,
1 Mariners Close,
Hampshire SO31 4PD.


OptRep LogoOptRep - Optical Repairs

OptRep specialize in repairing binoculars and many other types of optical equipment including spotting scopes, telescopes and other and ophthalmic instruments. Located in Selsey, West Sussex, they are a small British company run by enthusiastic optical technicians that have over 45 years of extensive experience in optical equipment.

They can repair and service all makes and ages of telescopes and binoculars in their workshop, from the very earliest vintage binocular to the most modern. Servicing is always carried out as the manufacturing intended including, when appropriate, purging with zero grade nitrogen. Customers are invited to visit their workshop or send their equipment by post or courier. Whilst they are based in the UK, they accept binoculars for repair and servicing from all over the world. They also arrange a call-out for in-situ servicing if needed. (this service being chiefly for Opticians). Free estimates are given when requested.


Contact Details
16, Wheatfield Road, Selsey
West Sussex,
PO20 0NY.
Telephone/Fax: 01243 601 365
info [@]

Opening hours: 9am to 5pm Monday-Thursday, 9am to 3pm Friday.
Always telephone before calling. Other days/hours possible but by appointment only.


Binocular Repairs USABinocular Repairs USA

Binocular Repairs in the USABinocular Repairs UKThere are a number of companies in the US that specialize in binocular repairs.

My advice as always is to first try contacting the manufacturer. However if you have an older pair or an instrument where you cannot get hold of the manufacturer, or if they are not interested in repairing your instrument (this does happen!) then below are my suggestions as to where you should look:


Suddarth Optical Repair LogoSuddarth Optical Repair

With well over 40 years of experience Suddarth Optical repair is still owned and run by Cory Suddarth, who started out in the U.S. Navy where he worked as an Optical Technician in 1975.

Suddarth will fully repair and refurbish almost all brands, sizes and types of binoculars and undertake very highly specialized and delicate tasks like re-cementing optical elements and removing fungus from older models.

As well as this and because of Cory's skillsand huge level of experience, he can machine custom parts that are not commercially available if needed. As well as this he can re-skin and make new leather straps if needed

Obviously the costs involved will vary greatly depending on what work needs to be done and so Cory advises that you simply contact him with your problem and then take it from there. Payment is accepted via Credit Card and Paypal.

Once you have been given a quote, you simply send in your damaged binoculars to get them repaired.

Contact Details
1408 Briarwood Ln.
Henryetta, OK. 74437
SuddarthOptical [@]


Time for New Binoculars?

Unless you are really attached to a pair of binoculars (which I can totally understand), or if they were a cheap pair to begin with, it is sometimes just not worth having them repaired or serviced. If this is the case then it is time to get yourself a new pair of optics.

In a way this can be quite exciting as you have now a clean slate and can get a pair that is exactly right for your particular needs. To do this however, you may need to do a little research and that is where I hope my site can really help you. Please take a look around at my guides and particularly my section on choosing binoculars by use, especially if you have a dominant use for them as it includes advice on things like Choosing Birdwatching Binoculars, Travel & Safari Binoculars and even more obscure uses like Plane Spotting Binoculars or Skiing Binoculars!

Then once you are armed with what features and specifications you need to look out for in the optics that are right for you, decide what budget you can afford and then take time to read my reviews that are totally independent. To get started and to look at some of the best binoculars in different price ranges, I suggest take a look at my section on Best Value Binoculars.

If you know what you want and you just want to get them now, take a look at my page on Where to Buy Binoculars or if you want, below are some new binoculars for sale both in the UK and the USA


USA FlagAmazon USA

British FlagAmazon UK


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