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Best Cheap Binoculars for Older Children under $100 / £100 / 100 Euros

The question of the week comes from a teacher looking to get her class of geography students some inexpensive binoculars for an upcoming field trip: Question: I am a Geography teacher in an International school in Singapore – and need to buy 10 pairs of binoculars for my students for our annual field trip to […]

Lightweight, Inexpensive Travel Binoculars for Children & Adults

Going on holiday, this question comes from someone looking to get some innexpensive / cheap travel binoculars for themselves as well as for their children: Question: I’m headed to South Africa in less than 2 weeks with three kids aged 6-11. I’d love to buy each child a pair of lightweight binocs for around $100 […]

Bresser 6X21 Junior Binoculars for Kids

When choosing a pair of kids binoculars, there are a few choices which largely depend on the age of the child and just how interested they are in what ever it is that you need the binoculars for. For an older child or teenager I would recommend choosing a “standard” binocular that has all the […]