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Aircraft Binoculars for use inside a Plane

I was recently asked the following question, which I will do my best to answer: Question: Best Binoculars for inside an airplane? I am from Brasil and just happened to stop by when searching for the best binoculars for my airplane (I have an experimental airplane and love to fly VFR by contact navigation). Unfortunately, […]

Safari and Aircraft Binoculars

Today’s question comes from someone looking for Mid Priced Binoculars ($130 – $300 / £130 – £300) that are ideal for plane spotting near the runway as well as for taking on safari: Question: I am looking for binocular for near runway (~600-800m) aircraft viewing as well as wildlife safari, with good low light performance. […]

Best Binoculars for Plane Spotting

This weeks question comes from someone who lives near a major airport and would like some binoculars to get a better view of the aircraft flying over them: Question: Could you tell me what is the best Binoculars for me to use for plane spotting. I live about 12 miles from Newcastle Airport and can […]