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Binoculars for Watching Golf  – Advice & Recommendations

In this article, the advice and recommendations on choosing binoculars for watching golf come from the response to a question that I received from a patron supporter. I have included it here on the BBR website as I thought that it may be of use to others: Question: Firstly may I say that I think […]

Sony DEV-5 and DEV-3 Digital Video Binoculars

Sony aims to bring binoculars into digital age with their digital binoculars with HD video recording in both 2D and 3D Digital camera binoculars have been around for a long time and many of you will know from my past posts that whilst they sound like a really good idea, they just don’t work, are […]

Binoculars with Digital Camera: a Scam?

In the past, possibly you could say that binoculars that have a built in digital camera were a scam, then as technology progressed and more serious manufacturers became interested  they moved onto what I would call a novelty item. Fun to play with, but still no match for a separate good quality camera and binoculars. […]