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Choosing Binoculars for an Aspiring African Wildlife Expert: A Bino Guide for Wildlife Conservationist

Introduction: As a wildlife conservationist with a particular interest in African wildlife, embarking on an expedition to the southern part of the great African continent is an exciting and pivotal moment for anyone. To immerse oneself in the diverse ecosystems and stunning wildlife of Africa requires the right tools, and binoculars are an indispensable companion […]

Seattle Times: Affordable Wildlife Binoculars

It is not often that you read about binoculars in a newspaper, even if it is in the tech section. So that is why when I came across an article in the The Seattle Times written by gear reviewer Dan Nelson recommending affordable binoculars to bring wildlife up close, I was interested. The article aims […]

Birds in the Snow

I am sure that the reason that many of you who have or are considering buying binoculars are doing so to observe wildlife and in particular birds. If so, I am sure that like me you have a passion for wildlife and it’s preservation. Last night we had this years first real snow where I […]

Binoculars for the Kruger National Park

This weeks question comes from a South African, who often visits game reserves in South Africa and in particular the Kruger National Park: Question: I live in South Africa and regularly go to game reserves and, in particular, Kruger National Park. I am looking to buy a decent pair of binoculars in the next few […]