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Seattle Times: Affordable Wildlife Binoculars

It is not often that you read about binoculars in a newspaper, even if it is in the tech section. So that is why when I came across an article in the The Seattle Times written by gear reviewer Dan Nelson recommending affordable binoculars to bring wildlife up close, I was interested. The article aims […]

Birds in the Snow

I am sure that the reason that many of you who have or are considering buying binoculars are doing so to observe wildlife and in particular birds. If so, I am sure that like me you have a passion for wildlife and it’s preservation. Last night we had this years first real snow where I […]

Binoculars for the Kruger National Park

This weeks question comes from a South African, who often visits game reserves in South Africa and in particular the Kruger National Park: Question: I live in South Africa and regularly go to game reserves and, in particular, Kruger National Park. I am looking to buy a decent pair of binoculars in the next few […]