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AGM G2 Guardian Review: Thermal Imaging & Night Vision Smartphone

AGM G2 Guardian Smartphone: The Future of Thermal & Night Vision Technology? Launched in early 2023 the AGM G2 Guardian is a tough, take-anywhere smartphone that is somewhat unique in that it combines all the features and more that you would expect to find on a high-end smartphone, but it also includes integrated night vision […]

InfiRay Xinfrared T2 Pro Thermal Eye Review

Thermal Camera for Smartphones I have been looking for a new compact and preferably inexpensive thermal imaging device that I can easily take on my hiking and camping trips for a while now. Thus when InfiRay contacted me and asked if I would be interested in testing their T2 Pro Thermal Eye camera, a truly […]

BBR @ IWA 2023 – EP 4. AGM Global Vision – Night & Thermal Vision Devices

In this, the 4th episode of BBR @ the IWA2023 Outdoor Classics show in Nuremberg Germany, I meet up with Paulina from AGM Global Vision about some of their newer Thermal & Night Vision Binoculars, Monoculars & Goggles: Here on BBR I have tested and reviewed AGM’s ASP-Micro TM160 Thermal Imaging monoculars, which for me […]

How Thermal Imaging Works

Thermal imaging is an incredible tool that literally changes the way you see as it enables you to see ignore visual camouflage and/or see in complete darkness. With the ability to see heat signatures, thermal imaging can be incredibly useful in a wide range of applications and users, particularly for security, military, wildlife documentary makers, […]

Cheap Night Vision Binoculars

I was recently contacted by someone looking to get some cheap night vision binoculars that they wanted to use mainly for viewing wildlife in their garden: Question: I would appreciate one or two suggestions for night time binoculars (two eye pieces) for use in the garden watching wildlife but would like to be able to […]

Night Hero Binoculars Review

BBR YouTube Version of this Night Hero Binoculars Review In this article, I am going to: Go over in detail the claims made by the makers of the Atomic Beam Night Hero Binoculars. Offer my thoughts on them, why they don’t work, and why I recommend that you certainly don’t get a pair. Suggest some […]

Best Night Vision under $500 / £500

This question comes from someone needing some advice as they are looking to get a night vision device as a Christmas present for their husband and have a budget of around $500 / £500: Question: I would really appreciate your help… My husband would like a pair of night vision binoculars .. largely to use […]

Mid Range Binoculars & Night Vision for Safari Holiday

The following BinoWizard question was sent into be by Rodrigo from Brazil who is in the early planning phase for a safari in South Africa next September and is looking for ideal mid range safari binoculars and night vision for the trip: Question: I am looking for a solution that helps me during my stay […]

Sagem wins NATO order for Night Vision Binoculars

BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT, France, March 24 (UPI) An undisclosed NATO country has put in an order of what is believed to be more than 200 Sagam JIM-LR long-range multi-function infrared night vision binoculars for use by their army. Whilst not a instantly recognizable brand to must consumers, French manufacturer Sagem is part of the Safran group of […]

How Digital Night Vision Works

The core technology for Digital Night Vision has actually been around for a while, even though in comparison to the more commonly used intensifier tubes on “standard” night vision devices, it is still relatively new. Indeed you may have even already used it on some video cameras that can shoot at night, using what is […]