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Pentax VM 6x21 WP Monocular & Discovery Kit Review

Pentax Sport Optics has recently announced a new, very interesting looking compact monocular to their line-up. Also, available are some accessories called the “discovery kit” that converts the monocular into a microscope and/or a telephoto camera. Thus in preparation and anticipation of a full test and review in the future, I decided to take a […]

Discounts & Offers on Pentax Binoculars

Pentax, one of the biggest optical companies in the world often have promotions and deals on their products, including their large range of binoculars. This page lists the current ones that I know about to help you get the best deals on Pentax binoculars: Current Pentax Offers in the US: Huge Savings on Pentax Z-Series […]

Compact Pentax UCF x II Binoculars

Whilst I did not have enough time to conduct a full test and review, I had the opportunity the other day to have a quick look at the Pentax UCF x II range of compact binoculars and my initial impressions of them were good for binoculars in this class. Pentax UCF x II Binoculars Pentax […]

Pentax PCF WP II 8x40 or Pentax 12x50 XCF Binoculars?

A question I received this week is from a reader having problems deciding between two pairs of Pentax binoculars: Question: I have a specific question and need help choosing between following TWO binoculars from Pentax. My intended use is casual during Vacation (Smoky mountains, etc.) and around the house. 1) Pentax 8x40 Binoculars Features 8x […]

Pentax DCF BC 9x32 vs Nikon 8x42 Monarch 5 Binoculars for Safaris

This weeks question comes from someone who is going on safari and wants some advice to help them choose between two binoculars: Question: Hi! I have found your advice very valuable in my search for good safari binoculars that won’t break my budget. Thank you so much! I had pretty much decided on the Pentax […]

Seattle Times: Affordable Wildlife Binoculars

It is not often that you read about binoculars in a newspaper, even if it is in the tech section. So that is why when I came across an article in the The Seattle Times written by gear reviewer Dan Nelson recommending affordable binoculars to bring wildlife up close, I was interested. The article aims […]