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New KITE APC 50 Binoculars: Next-Level Image Stabilization

Introducing the 2024 Kite Optics Second Generation APC 50mm Binoculars: Elevating Image Stabilization to New Heights with a comparison to the older models to see what has been improved

Upgrading from Image Stabilization Binoculars for Birding to improve the view

This question was sent to me by Norman who is looking to upgrade his Canon IS binoculars because he is unhappy with the amount of color fringing he sees when looking through them: Question 2 years ago I bought a Canon 12x36 IS  III. I was happy with the image stabilization and brightness. I was […]

Does Image Stabilization Work?

So you have seen a shiny new pair of image stabilization binoculars on the web that you like, but without trying them out first you wonder does image stabilisation really work? Obviously this is one of the disadvantages of buying a product on the web (there are also many advantages). Just remember you can always […]

15x50 Canon Image Stabilizer Binoculars

I have written an in-depth review on the main site explaining all about Canon Stabilized Binoculars and just how well they work and have also been lucky enough to be able to review a couple of their binoculars. The main advantage is obviously the Image Stabilization (or image stabilisation depending on which side of the […]

Image Stabilization Binoculars

I have written a whole article on the Canon Stabilized Binoculars and how they work but I recently found this excellent video created by that demonstrates the image stabilized binoculars in action. The demonstration is not using Cannon IS binoculars, but rather the excellent Fujinon Techno-Stabi 14x40 Image Stabilized Binoculars, but I think it […]