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Minox Binoculars – Offers & Deals

In the UK, Minox have a voucher offer where throughout November and December you can get yourself a free gift when purchasing a number of their products. For example: Minox BL HD Binoculars You can get a free pair of Minox BF 8x or 10x25 compact binoculars worth £99 when you buy either the Minox […]

New MINOX BL HD Binoculars

Announcing the new BL HD Series from Minox Press Release March 2013: At the recent IWA Outdoor Classics show, MINOX announced a new line of binoculars to their stable. Made in Germany, the BL-HD Series offers a number of key improvements to their standard BL binoculars, the main one being the addition of HD glass […]

Mid-Level, Compact Whitewater Rafting Binoculars

I recently answered this question on an optics forum where a raft guide was looking for suggestions for some mid priced, waterproof & compact binoculars for birding and wildlife that he would be using whilst white water rafting: Question: I work as a raft guide and am after a good compact binocular in the price […]

On Safari with Minox and Swarovski Binoculars

Which Binocular? When it comes to choosing which binoculars to take on safari (or indeed most other trips or wildlife adventures), as well as price, you need to make a couple of decisions based on your personal preferences as well as any specific requirements of your particular holiday: Size In most cases, you first need […]

New MINOX BL “Made in Germany” Edition Binoculars

New Edition of a Classic – The MINOX BL 8X42 and BL 10X42 “Made in Germany” Edition Update: Please note that Minox have now also introduced a newer BL HD line of binoculars, that used extra low dispersion glass in the lenses to produce a higher resolution image with less color fringing. You can read […]

New Minox Nautik Binoculars

Minox Nautic – High Quality and Innovative Marine Binoculars New to the already impressive line up of Minox binoculars is their new Nautik (Nautic) Range – optics specifically designed for marine use and other water sports. Within this Minox Marine range there are currently two models that have designed to meet the extreme conditions encountered […]

Minox 8X33 BL vs Bushnell 7X36 Excursion EX

Someone recently wrote in looking for a pair of binoculars for their partner with the requirements of light weight, roof prisms with a good field of view and a price between $300 and $500 (AU) which at the moment is equivalent to the (US$). They had narrowed their short list down to two, the Minox […]

Great Deals on Old Stock Binoculars

I was recently sent in a question by someone wanting to know more about the Minox 8x44 & 10x44 BP Porro Binoculars and thought that my answer on old stock binoculars at great prices may also be interesting to other readers: Question I like porro binoculars but can’t afford the price of top of the […]

Binoculars for the House under $500

Today’s question comes from someone who is lucky enough to live where they have views over a marina and out onto the sea and they are looking for a good all-rounder, a pair of binoculars for the house: Question I want a pair of binoculars for the house, we have a lovely view overlooking a […]

New APO Binoculars from MINOX

One of the best, but lesser known German makers of binoculars, MINOX has announced the release of a new line of top end binoculars, with what must be one of the most user unfriendly names for binoculars in the business: The MINOX APO HG 8.5x43 BR and the MINOX APO HG 10x43 BR asph binoculars! […]