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GPO vs Maven vs Zeiss vs Leica Binoculars for wildlife viewing

I want to thank you for the incredible amount of time and information you provide on YouTube and your website, it has helped me immensely already in narrowing down my choices. Question I am researching in order to purchase my first pair of binoculars. I am a member of a discount site for first responders […]

Best 10x50 Binoculars for Astronomy

I recently received this BinoWizard question from a reader looking to acquire a pair of mid sized binoculars for star gazing: Question: BinoWizard – After perusing your excellent site I’d like to solicit your advice on a pair of binoculars for star gazing. Objective: In preparation to spec out and purchase a telescope for me […]

Upgrading from Image Stabilization Binoculars for Birding to improve the view

This question was sent to me by Norman who is looking to upgrade his Canon IS binoculars because he is unhappy with the amount of color fringing he sees when looking through them: Question 2 years ago I bought a Canon 12x36 IS  III. I was happy with the image stabilization and brightness. I was […]

Shootout: 5 of the Best 10x42 Binoculars Compared

This BinoWizard question is from a reader who is struggling to make a choice between four of the very best 10x42 binoculars on the market: Question: I am conflicted on purchasing a new pair of 10x42 binoculars. Use: I use them mainly for birding. Background Story: I am upgrading from a pair of Nikon Premiere […]

Bresser Condor vs Celestron TrailSeeker 10x42 Binoculars – Which is Best?

Question I have looked at a number of your reviews with regard to low-end binoculars and have pretty much decided that I want to purchase a 10x42 piece of equipment and was now wondering which one? I am an infrequent user but want something for travel to view wildlife on cruises etc and locally to […]

Quality ($300-$400) binos for hiking, birding, kayaking, camping.

The following question comes from BBR Patreon supporter Nicholas: Question I’m interested in purchasing good quality ($300-$400) multi-use binos to use for multiple activities such as hiking, birding, kayak-camping. I like the size-weight range of 8x32’s but appreciate the multi-use ability (low light-forest, detail, FOV) typically afforded by 8x42’s. Additionally, I’m also interested in reputable manufacturers, quality […]

Comparing the Best 15x56 Binoculars on Earth!

… I thought that title may get your attention, but now that I have it, I guess I best deliver in regards to the content! Anyway, the title may be bold, but I don’t think it misleading as the inspiration for this article comes from Marc, a BBR Patron Supporter who goes on to ask: Question […]

ED vs HD Binoculars – What’s the Difference?

As I am sure this will be of use to many who are looking at buying binoculars and trying to sift through all the marketing jargon Here is my answer to a question sent in by a long time BBR Patron Supporter Warren: Question: What does HD mean on binoculars & is it different to […]

Binoculars for Watching TV

This question was sent to me from a new BBR Patreon supporter Paula, who is looking to get some binoculars to help her watch television: Question I don’t know if this is even in your wheelhouse or not, but I really am desperate for some help! I sustained chemical damage to both of my corneas in January […]

Which Hawke Endurance ED Scope: 20-60x68 or 25-75x85?

This question on Hawke Endurance ED Spotting Scopes comes from BBR Patreon supporter Gary: Question I am new to optics and planning a spotting scope as an X-Mas gift. The use will be wildlife viewing, particularly at Yellowstone NP which is in our backyard. I read your reviews and I thought you had made my […]