Compare Binoculars Side-By-Side

Compare Birdwatching BinocularsRecently, rather than reviewing binoculars, I have been working on improving the functionality of the website: Last week I wrote about a new section on the site, where you can quickly check discounted binoculars, making it simpler to find binoculars that are on sale at one or more of the major retailers of binoculars.

This week, I have added a new section on the site where it makes it simpler for you to compare binoculars side-by-side, which I think really works.

Most “Compare Binoculars” pages that I have seen on the web are nothing more than price comparisons, great for when you know exactly which pair of binoculars you want, not so great if you don’t.

Lets say you are after a pair of binoculars for birdwatching, having to go and check the eye relief, short focus distance, field of view, weight, dimensions and many other important details of every binocular that you are interested in can take some time. This new feature enables you to look at all these details at once.

I think this can really help you in deciding which binoculars are right for you and I would love to get any feedback or suggestions.

>> Take a look at the main Binocular Comparison page now.


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