BBR @ IWA 2023 – EP 4. AGM Global Vision – Night & Thermal Vision Devices

In this, the 4th episode of BBR @ the IWA2023 Outdoor Classics show in Nuremberg Germany, I meet up with Paulina from AGM Global Vision about some of their newer Thermal & Night Vision Binoculars, Monoculars & Goggles:

Here on BBR I have tested and reviewed AGM’s ASP-Micro TM160 Thermal Imaging monoculars, which for me still remain one of my favorites and for my money is definitely one of the best-performing thermal devices on the market for under $500 (£ / Euros) and thus I was really interested to see what else they have on offer this year and perhaps organize some products to test in the future with them.

Palina from AGM Global Vision demonstates their Night Vision & thermal Monoculars, Binoculars and Goggles at the IWA Show in Germany

Right, so there you have it. Once again I must apologize for the really bad image flickers in the video. This is totally my fault as I was filming at a frame rate that clashed and did not sync up with the frequency of the lights on their stand. 

Other than that I’d just like to say thanks to AGM for speaking with me and watch this space for new reviews of their products here on BBE in the future. 

Until then be sure to check out my full review of their excellent AGM Asp-Micro TM160 Thermal Imaging Monocular, which as I mentioned at the start is one of my all-time favourite thermal devices if you don’t want to break the bank to get into thermal imaging. 

Other than that I would just like to remind you to subscribe to the BBR YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss out on any future videos and reviews. 

So until then thanks for watching & reading, stay well and I’ll see you soon. Cheers for now.

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