Best Mid to High End Binoculars for Birdwatching & Safaris

I received this BinoWizard question from George who lives in South Africa and who is after some mid to high end binoculars for Safari and Birding: Question: I would really appreciate some help on buying some binoculars. I’m based in South Africa & have a friend who will be in the US for a week […]

Small, Lightweight Birding Binoculars

The questions below come from readers who both had a very similar question for the BinoWizard and are looking for very lightweight birding binoculars: Question 1: I am looking for a lightweight pair of binoculars for my avid birdwatching 90 year old mother. Her binoculars are ancient and too heavy for her now. I wish […]

Upgrading my 8x42 Birdwatching Binoculars – what to get?

The questions below come from Paul who is looking to upgrade their cheap 8x42 birdwatching binoculars and has asked me for some help in what to choose: Question: First of all, many thanks for a superb resource on your website – until I discovered this and all the brilliant reviews, I was really struggling! I […]

10x42 Binoculars for Bird Watching?

Whilst 7x and 8x are probably the most commonly used and recommended magnifications for birdwatching binoculars with the 8x42 configuration being the most popular combination (especially for general, all-round birding). It does not mean that options should be dismissed completely as in some situations a more powerful instrument can make a better option: Whilst working […]

Bausch & Lomb Binoculars for Birdwatching

Below is a question that I was recently asked regarding a pair of 10x42 Bausch & Lomb binoculars and their potential suitability as birding binoculars: Question: I have started fairly active birdwatching, this year. About ten years ago, I bought a pair of binoculars for a trip, that included the possibility of birding. They are […]

The Basics: Birding with Binoculars – Aiming

Using your Bird Watching Binoculars It was recently pointed out to me by a friend of mine that my main Guide to Birdwatching Binoculars was for her, a little too technical and did not help her enough with the practical aspects of actually using binoculars for birding. As a beginner, she just wanted to know […]

Pocket-lint: Best binoculars that money can buy

The largest independent gadget news and reviews site in the UK, Pocket-lint recently published an article on what they say are the best binoculars that money can buy, which I obviously took a keen interest in and decided that I would take a look and post my own opinions their selections as well as give […]

Bird Photo Contest: Win Vanguard Endeavor ED’s

If like me, you enjoy taking photos of birds as well as looking at them through your binoculars, then here is your chance to get a little recognition for all your “hard” work, as well as getting the chance win a pair of top of the range Vanguard Binoculars. The Bird Photo Competition is […]

Field of View & Binoculars for Birdwatching

Bigger is not always better When many people are looking for a pair of birding binoculars, they tend to focus on the magnification and assume that the stronger the zoom, the better better the binoculars will be for looking at small objects like birds. Sure magnification is important, but remember the stronger the zoom, the […]

Steiner 8x32 Merlin Binoculars – Skyhawk Binoculars

The whole series of Merlin Binoculars from Steiner have been designed with Birdwatchers in mind and these Steiner 8x32 Merlin binoculars will not disappoint as a great pair of bird watching binoculars. The have a slightly smaller ocular lens diameter (32mm) when compared to the Steiner 8x42 Merlin Binoculars that I fully reviewed earlier. Which […]