Gardenature Bird Feeder Camera Review

In this article, I am going to go over why chose to get the IP Camera System and Birdfeeder Housing from, our initial experience in setting up the system and then show you some example video footage that we have captured so far. My daughter, who is now almost nine, has started to show […]

Binoculars with Cameras for Cruising

I get asked about binoculars with built in cameras fairly frequently and so I thought that rather than replying to this question individually, my answer may be of use to others who are considering getting binoculars for a cruise holiday or those wondering about digital camera binoculars: Question 2: Are Binoculars with Cameras good for […]

Binoculars with Digital Camera

Yes, they sound like a brilliant idea, especially if you are trying to save space when going travelling on safari for example and that is why I get so many questions from people asking about about binoculars with digital cameras. I have already written a number of articles related to the subject, so I wont […]

Best Digital Camera Binoculars

Today’s question comes from someone looking to buy THE BEST Digital Camera Binoculars: Question: I am looking for the best set of camera binoculars. I didn’t know they existed until I started researching binoculars for a birthday gift. My boyfriend is constantly lamenting not having binoculars to see the boats (and birds!) that pass our […]

Digital Camera Binoculars Vs Camera + Binoculars

I recently had the following email question on digital camera binoculars: ‘Hello, I stumbled upon your site, and I have a question. I’m interested in buying a binocular camera I found on the sharper image website. It’s binoculars with a digital camera for taking photos. The magnification is 10x25. I was wondering how strong that […]

Bushnell Binoculars with Digital Camera

As a company Bushnell are very innovative and they are not afraid to explore new technologies and ideas. For example they were pioneers in laser rangefinder technology and because of this, they now produce some of the best laser rangefiner binoculars, riflescopes and golf laser rangefinders available. So it is not surprising to see Bushnell […]

Bushnell Instant Replay Binoculars with Digital Camera

The main selling point of this range of binoculars from Bushnell is that they are a Binocular Digital Camera combination, but on top of this you can also shoot a 30-second continuous video loop, allowing you to capture and review the action on the LCD screen right after it happens. The Bushnell  instant replay binoculars […]

Binoculars with Digital Camera: a Scam?

In the past, possibly you could say that binoculars that have a built in digital camera were a scam, then as technology progressed and more serious manufacturers became interested  they moved onto what I would call a novelty item. Fun to play with, but still no match for a separate good quality camera and binoculars. […]

Binoculars with Camera – The obvious choice?

I recently read an archived article written in the New York Times that was written way back in 2005 that said what is pretty obvious: “The appeal to bird-watchers is tremendous, not only can you prove your sightings, but you can also bring home photos or digital movies in search of second opinions or comparisons […]